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12 September 2019 - 5:33pm

Bronze casino lies

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I am writing this knowing hoping for some advice on the following situation.

I joined Bronze casino, on Tuesday evening and deposited 100 Euros, I then was given 200 Euros bonus, it was nearly 10000 play through to be able to withdraw , I managed to do this and end up with 4000 real cash to withdraw.

I made the withdrawal the next morning and sent verification , I checked with the live chat 6 hours later and they stated that you they have IT issues and don't receive emails , I kept a copy of this chat, I then asked for there contact number and was given a link to the page where its at, the number doesn't work and again the live chat then told me they don't have phones , i kept a copy of this chat as well. I then gave my documentation to the live chat to forward.

This morning I logged on to see if my account was verified and found it to be blocked , I kept trying to email and had no response I contacted live chat and then 2 minutes later I received an email stating that I was block as I had self excluded at an affiliate casino and that I should have checked there sister sites and affiliates before joining.

I have never self excluded anywhere I have left and closed accounts due to bad treatment and poor service, I then went on the website clicked on the tab that was amazingly hard to find stating affiliates and it takes you to a page that has no list of affiliate sites or any other casinos with which Bronze casino is linked.

I am at a loss as to what to do now, I have made a complaint on but seen as they have no contact number and don't answer / receive their emails and the live chat I mainly useless the most they can do is forward messages or so they say I am not sure what to do next and any advice would be gratefully received.

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13 September 2019 - 8:31am

Hey Steve, I'm sorry to tell you that I have bad news. Bronze Casino is a known rip-off joint run by scam artists. We have an entry about them and their related casinos on our blacklist page right here. This is an Israeli run group of casinos that specialises in ripping off players, hacking websites to advertise their casinos, spamming, running pirated games etc. You get the picture.

Irrespective of whether you did self exclude at one of their other multitude of casinos, they would have found another excuse not to pay you. It's what they do. They don't pay winners who roll up, deposit €100 and win €4000, like you did. The only ones they pay are people who play regularly and have lost far more than they win. They do so to keep them on the hook as they figure they can get more money out of them later.

Looking at your country preference I can see you're in the UK. Stick to casinos that are licensed by the UKGC because if you have a dispute at a regulated casino you at least have someone you can complain to and legal rights if it comes to that. If you play at an unlicensed clip joint like Bronze Casino you've got almost no recourse when something like this happens.

If you deposited via a credit card and they have not refunded your deposit, you should get in touch with your bank and file a chargeback to at least get your money back.


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7 October 2019 - 8:34am

I am sorry that you stepped on a rogue casino... What they do is typical of awful casinos to scam players' money.

Your withdrawal is sad to let go of...

Please, go to better casinos and win big !!!

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6 June 2020 - 11:18am

It may be too late, but report as fraud and check with your bank if there is anything they can do. They may be able to claim back your deposits given the company proved fraudulent - it may be too late though but it doesn't hurt to ask.