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4 January 2019 - 8:53pm

BoVegas Delayed Payments

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In short I still have not gotten my full withdrawal and it is going on a month now. I requested a $2000 withdrawal and they only sent $600 citing that they can send installments which their terms do state. However here is where the issue is ...after resubmitting they sent even less they sent only $250. Likewise in their sister casino to up I requested $725 they only sent $250. I can't help but ask (whether they sending installments or not) what kind of casino for such a small amount of money has to send in tiny installments like this? The customer service is a nightmare they often give misinformed information and avoid talking when questioned. Sending $250 a week for a $2000 withdrawal when each time it takes 7 days to approve the $250 means that I will not get my full withdrawal for almost 2 months or more. This is completely unacceptable.

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7 January 2019 - 2:34am

You are right it is completely unacceptable. These guys are already on our blacklist. I advise you to check there before playing at any new casino.

The payment instalments thing is a tactic used by dirty casinos that want to delay and stretch out your payments for so long that you get frustrated. Then you go and do something silly like reverse your pending withdrawals and play and lose all your winnings, or abuse their customer support so they close your account, or threaten to do a chargeback for your deposits, again they will close your account.

All I can suggest is to stop playing there, submit your withdrawals, and be patient. Don't fall for their traps to lose your winnings. There really isn't anything else that you can do.

Always play it safe! Consult our list of rogue casinos and warnings before depositing at a new casino.
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9 January 2019 - 6:38am

That is unacceptable. They got to be punished for their rogue behavior.
I hope that you have not deposited much before this withdrawal.

And just wait and see for the remaining installments.

My fingers crossed for you.