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12 January 2017 - 4:01am

Grand Fortune Casino not paying out or responding to support requests

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I signed up for Grand Fortune Casino through this site and rolled over a no-deposit playthrough bonus. When I tried to cash out my $100 (max permitted cashout), I started getting conflicting information from their support staff, and now they have stopped responding altogether. The last message that I received from them indicated that they were having a problem with their payment processor and had many "unhappy players" as a result.

I don't recommend depositing or playing on Grand Fortune Casino until support starts responding again and until they have some confirmed payouts.

Has anyone else had any issues with withdrawing? I have included the whole story below.


I was told by support I needed to send in verification documents and complete a deposit before I withdrew. I sent in my documents on 12/22, and support encouraged me to go ahead and make a deposit before my verification was complete. I chose to wait until my account was fully verified rather than making the deposit immediately. I was then told by support:


Please note that we have received and saved your verification documents.

Also note that you need to make a verification deposit in order for your payout to be processed.

I contacted support again and asked them if I could make my deposit in Bitcoin, which they accept as a payment option, or if I needed to use the credit card I sent in during the verification process. A casino rep then told me that none of my balance was withdrawable. I have attempted to get clarification on whether this is true:


I asked a customer support representative if I could make my verification deposit in bitcoin instead of by credit card, and was told that none of my current $100 balance is withdrawable. Is this true? I was told yesterday by a different support representative that the only thing I needed to do to withdraw my money was send in my verification documents and deposit $30. I hope this was incorrect information given to me by the representative I chatted with tonight, because otherwise it seems like a rather blatant bait-and-switch by the representative I spoke with yesterday.

I was told by "Charlie" on 12/23 that she was looking into my account, but never heard back. After contacting support two more times, I got this response on 12/30:


My sincere apologies for the Inconvenience , I don't know If you familiar with the huge technical issue we had with our processors , It really put a huge strain on our operations hence why we were unable to make any payments out to players which resulted to us having a high number of unhappy players. I truly understand it is frustrating but please understand that it was an issue behind our reach but luckily the systems are up and running and our financial department has been making payments rapidly day by day. I can assure you that indeed your payment will be made. It has been processed and it will be reaching you shortly , maybe sometime anytime from now. Again my sincere apologies . I will escalate your query to our financial department and I will have them look into it first thing when they on shift.

I sent this response on 1/6 and again today on 1/11, but haven't received a response:


I never received a response from the financial department. I have 100 USD on the site that I would like to withdraw. I was told that I need to place a verification deposit first. How much do I need to deposit to withdraw my full balance? Can I deposit using Bitcoin instead of with a credit card? How long is it taking for cashouts to be processed right now?


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12 January 2017 - 4:46am

Thanks scuba, it sounds like a classic case of an American-friendly casino unable to pay players because of banking issues. This happens from time to time as American banks and credit card companies are afraid of gambling related transactions. Therefore the casinos must use third party payment processing companies that attempt to get around these payment blocks by various means (offshore banks, disguised transactions etc). When these payment processing companies shut down or move on the casinos are left scrambling to pay people.

That was a pretty honest answer that you got from their support staff which is surprising. However the radio silence since then is not good. I will try to contact them to work out what is going on.

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12 January 2017 - 5:24am

Thanks! I appreciate it!

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12 January 2017 - 12:34pm
scuba wrote:

Thanks! I appreciate it!

Hi, there, I didn't play in Grand Fortune casinos, because I was blocked from the bonuses due to my jurisdiction. But, as I know, they are not rogue casinos, but, I saw some complaints regarding slow payments a few months ago.

And, don't worry about discussing with CL-Ed about your issues.

I had a very bad issues with two rogue casinos and one issue with a good casino, a few years ago, and very fortunately, all of them were resolved by help of CL-Ed.

I hope that your will be solved too 🙂