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19 August 2016 - 4:55pm

Las Vegas USA Online Casino

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Really have a problem. Cannot get anyone at Las Vegas USA to respond. For whatever unknown reason to me, I was restricted from logging into the website. I had no problems with my one and only deposit. I made my deposit, I lost my money and that is OK. I wanted to make a new deposit but opted to purchase the MST gift card because I don't want to have to deal with my bank and their phone calls inquiring as to the withdrawal from my account. I don't play often and it is ok is Las Vegas USA does not want me, but they have also black listed me and now I can't play on any online web site. I have written emails to customer support, I have gone online to customer support and to security with no answers available. The only thing I can even imagine is that I asked security to change my name on my account from my legal first name to my nickname since all my bank cards, with the exception of the one I made the initial deposit with, are under my nick name. Customer service referred me to security because they thought it was fraud to do that but then security, through an online chat did it with no problems. I would still like to play, although more than likely NOT at their casino but because of what they did, I can't get into any casino and have done nothing wrong, to my knowledge and no one will tell me why.

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22 August 2016 - 12:06am

Thats very strange, there must be an issue with their security check. If I were you I would just move on and play somewhere else. Note that they are run by a company that has several casinos so you should probably make sure you don't play at any of them either, namely:

Old Havana Casino
Slots Plus Casino
Sun Palace Casino
Vegas Casino Online

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23 August 2016 - 8:15pm

I already have. Thanks.