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19 July 2016 - 4:05pm

Slots500 .com don,t pay and delay payment

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Hello i got a mail about a new casino called slots500.com i have played many years online with never had any problem .
So it thought give it a try . I even got a Phone call from the UK the welcome me his name was Jeremy ( vip account manager) .
I made a deposit and say i don,t want their bonus the nicely removed that. . I made some profit small amount and i cashed out the first time without any problem.
So i made some new deposits then i started to win . I was at 4 K so i cashed out . Then i got a call from jeremey he told be it would go faster if i split the redrawel into half which i did he told me it was approved by financial department after 4 days my money was still in pending manual so i started to contact support then the story began . Everytime i asked questions to support the told me another story , the money is on its way it will be soon sendet out , then they told me it could take some longer financial department is working on it . In the meantime i tried to reach jeremey but everytime he wasn,t there .
Then i reached him and asked him what is going on as he told me before he has some friend working on financial department of slot500.com he said don,t worry its approved they will send out after the weekend but stil money on pending manual . In the meantime i made with the other half 10 K so intotal 12 K.
9 days later i got hold on Jeremy from slots500.com . I told him what is going on i was pisst off he told me he was trying to contact them until now now answer .
I asked him is this casino slots500/com not a fraude or a fake casino he told me don,t worry you get your money . again one day later still in pending mode in the meanwhile a spoke to 4 or 5 customer service people asking the same question but then they start lying about it so i knew i never will be paid .
I got hold on Jeremy again and suddenly he said your account is under revieuw because of your winnings if he not told me to split the money i never would have those winnings . so i thought what i do is i will loose moste of the money which i still in my bankaccount and i did so maby then they will send me the redrawel .
but until now without succes i confronted them with the information about what i found out on the internet about this group because i have asked serveral time to different people from slots500.com is this a legal casino and they all said yes don,t worry you get your money. i tried to contact them again and now they have blocked the chat maby i was too angry but i was sicj and tired to hear all those lies i just want to have back the money i deposit but until now without succes.

its a long story but what can i do can i take legal steps against slots500.com because i think they are a fraude and scam they only pauout small amount to make you feel secure hoping you will deposit and only loose if you win they will see your account is under revieuw .

if someone has simailar problems with slots500.com please let me know and how can i take action to get my money and prevent people from playing there.

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20 July 2016 - 7:47am

Maximus, first up...


i got a mail about a new casino called slots500.com

Seriously people, don't reward spammers. You wonder why criminals keep sending it out to people? Here's yet another example that it works.

And yes I did say "criminals". Slots500 are already on our blacklist, under the section titled AffPower / Conan Gaming / Game Tech Group N.V. Casinos. This Israel based operator has been engaged in a criminal hacking campaign for a number of years now. Basically they pay crooks who run automated hacks into poorly secured websites and add thousands of pages to them that advertise their casinos. They have been busted publicly but they don't care, they just keep on doing it.

A number of their casinos have been busted running pirated games from Net Entertainment, Novomatic and others. These games are configured to run using a game server that is under the control of whichever criminals stole the games. There is little doubt that these games are rigged against players. More evidence that these guys are criminals.

And lastly we've heard numerous complaints about them not paying or slow paying winners, just like yours.

As for your specific complaint:


Then i got a call from jeremey he told be it would go faster if i split the redrawel into half

Bullshit. He is telling you that because he hopes to encourage you to play more and lose the rest of your money. I don't know how people like this Jeremey who work in jobs where they are actively trying to rip people like yourself off can sleep at night. I guess its all about the money for them...


In the meantime i made with the other half 10 K so intotal 12 K

And then it backfires and Jeremey has to resort to plan B which is to delay you and frustrate you for so long that they never have to pay you.


so i thought what i do is i will loose moste of the money which i still in my bankaccount and i did so maby then they will send me the redrawe

See? That is how it works. He never told you to do that but you start thinking that you might get paid if you lose some (which is ridiculous). I really hope that you didn't go and lose it all.


i think they are a fraude and scam

You are right, they are. I'm sorry you had to find out this way.

I really don't believe that there is any authority that you can go to to get your money. They claim to be licensed in Curacao under a master license 1668/JAZ. This is practically worthless as Curacao will issue a license to anyone who pays and they do nothing to help players that have a problem or dispute with a casino. Neither do they do anything about their licensees running pirated games or engaging in criminal hacking activity, they really are useless.

I'm sorry but there really isn't anything you can do to get your money unless you are prepared to go to Curacao or Israel and track down the owners and beat them over the head with a lead pipe. My advice is to try to reclaim any deposits that you made at the casino through your payment method or bank. If you used a credit card you can file a chargeback due to fraud and you can at least get your deposits back and possibly also make it harder for them to accept credit card deposits from other players.

Always play it safe! Consult our list of rogue casinos and warnings before depositing.
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