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24 July 2015 - 5:04am

Lost access

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I'm Baaaacckk!
Hey, guys, I was around here 3 or 4 years ago under the username "Ijustwantaspin", stuff happened, I went back to work, my laptop crashed, I forgot my password, lost access to the email address I'd used, phone # changed and can't get back in. So I signed iup as a newbie, (I think you're only supposed to have 1, sorry if I broke a rule, but I was hoping I can get back to my original spot).
Can I get back to ijustwantaspin, or should I just get on with Spinwitch2?

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24 July 2015 - 5:38am

I can get you back your ijustwantaspin account so long as I can verify you're one and the same person. I'll send you a PM to sort it out.

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24 July 2015 - 1:38pm

Welcome back Spinwitch2, er... ijustwantaspin! Look forward to seeing you on the forums!

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29 July 2015 - 10:38pm

I remember that user name!

Welcome back! Smile


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