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6 February 2014 - 8:00pm

Heavy Chips Casino they rip me off! they dont me pay the amount of money i win!

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Hi to all,

This is my fist time I win money from Heavy Chips Casino online.
I win 4000. Pounds and pay me 200 pounds only

This casino trying to get the way too rips me off by legal before I am trying to windrow the 4000. Pounds
I send some my Identification like passport bank statement and visa card.
The Heavy Chip account officer he send me messages why my birthday day its wrong I explain it to them
I say my mistake I always put 08 some cases because I taught it is a month of August.
Before that when I’m trying to inquire how to windrow I say to the customer support
This right birthday because I trying to edit back put
My right date of birth 13/08/75
That time the customer support its say we will send you back when your money you can windrow because one account officer they will check your account and your play transaction.
The nest day I receive messages them because you made mistake to your date of birth we forfeited the 4000 pounds but you will get 200 pounds its very good deal for you because VIP client if you accept that you don’t get anything
I say I am not accepting that’s condition but the account manger they my 4000 pound and put 200 pound to my account with out my consent.
I been crying I begging them please do that time I play that 3 days to make that money its right to return my money I say I have to ring my layer,
The customer support say your not gone get it that back your 4000 pound better take 200 pounds its really good deal no way you can faith you right.

Please someone can help the case I Just to showing Heavy Chips Casino this is not fare doing how to ripping people
I do not no know where to get help how to solve this case
Please anyone can help me !

The date happen Feb 3 to 6 , 2014

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7 February 2014 - 1:29am

I am sorry this happened to you leah888. I am sure CL-Ed will be along soon to address your issue. Be patient, and he will respond.

In the meantime please feel free to check out the forums here and join us in any of the threads.

Welcome! Smile


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8 February 2014 - 8:38am

Thanks...hope777 ...someone hear my problem.

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17 February 2014 - 2:06am

Hi leah888, sorry I did not see this earlier.

Let me get this straight. You entered the wrong date of birth when you registered and the casino is refusing to pay your winnings because of that. Is that right?

You gave us your correct date of birth - 13/08/75. What was the date of birth that you entered on the website?

Did you claim a bonus when you signed up and played there?

It sounds like you were playing with British Pounds as your currency, but you live in Australia. Most casinos allow people to play with USD if they are from Australia and don't support AUD. Why were you playing with pounds?

As for the casino, I honestly have not come across them before. If I can get a straight explanation from you I will try to help you out but I can't promise anything. Cheers.

I also edited out your name, email and phone number from your original post. You can't be too careful online.

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