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22 October 2011 - 3:47am

Rome Casino Warning! Stole $2600 in winnings

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I wanted to communicate a terrible experience I had at Rome Casino and to warn other players not to deposit there. Here are the details:

I signed up and registered an account at this casino on October 12th. They offered me a 200% bonus and I deposited $197 on my credit card. I lost the money and redeposited another $192 after their support said they would give me another 200% bonus. This time I got lucky and was able to get balance up over $3,400. I went to the cashier and was only able to deposit (not withdrawl). I contacted customer support and they said that I'd be able to withdrawl after I sent them my security documents.

The following day I sent them everything they asked for. I also contacted [email protected] informing him of the situation. He said it was the weekend and he would look into it.

Soon after, I was able to make a withdrawl at Romecasino for $3416. I expected them to remove the bonus and proceed with the withdrawl. Over the weekend of the 15th, I tried to
login to my account and it was blocked. It said to contact customer support which I immediately sent them an email asking what the problem was. I also sent another email to Noah trying to find out the same information. The casino never responded.

On Monday, I logged into my CapitalOne account and the two deposits I made to the casino were credited to the account. They obviously decided to return the deposits and keep the winnings. I've heard very bad things about this casino and this confirms they are dishonest.

Based on my records, this casino owes me the following:

- 384 (bonus)
- 389 (two deposits they returned)

NET DUE = $2,643

I was given this explanation from their casino rep:

It seems that you made a deposit/s on the 12th and they received an iovation report regarding your card about 2 days later on the 14th.

Unfrotunately, due to past problems with CC's having the same kind of history, the policy of the risk department is to close such accounts and refund all deposits. That is not to say you are attempting fraud in any way, simply that they make no exceptions in the matter. In most cases its not harmful to the player but in this case you won before they got the report, and so of course you indeed suffered a loss of potential winnings. I wish I could change that but I am only a messenger, I cannot change their policy, which is in place for good reason. I would not recommend using this CC with other casinos as most will receive the same information and close your account.
I have no idea what kind of report they received but it is indeed an excuse not to pay winners. If I lost, would they have produced a report? I doubt it. They happily accepted my deposits and allowed me to play. Too many casinos are making this excuse not to pay winners including INETBet etc. Be very, very careful where you play because these casinos can do whatever they want and you have no recourse.

Stay far away from RomeCasino and any of their sister sites as they'll try whatever possible to not pay you if you win.


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22 October 2011 - 6:07pm

Welcome to the site joycefl. I am sorry to hear about that experience; what a crappy deal. I recommend you read up on casinos to see what the good ones are. This one seems to have been blacklisted due to several reasons.

It stinks that you won't ever see that money, but then again that software may not have been legit after all. Here's hoping you get lucky with a legitimate casino in the future!

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22 October 2011 - 10:14pm

Hi Joyce I am really sorry to hear you have been treated like this. Rome Casino is on our blacklist already (link below in my signature), and there is not much I can do to help as they have refused to respond to enquiries we have made on behalf of players in the past.

Iovation is a company that supposedly does risk assessments on customers and credit card transactions. So IF what the rep told you is true, they must have received a report that your credit card presented a high risk of a chargeback or fraud. However if they are going to use this sort of risk assessment in that manner then they should conduct the risk assessment before they accept your deposit, not after. It is yet another example of the lack of professionalism of casinos like this. And there is nothing but the rep's word on this - we don't even know for sure if they use that service.

I would say that you are completely correct in your assumption that had you lost they would not have refunded your deposits. This statement more or less confirms that if you read between the lines:


In most cases its not harmful to the player but in this case you won before they got the report, and so of course you indeed suffered a loss of potential winnings.

Always play it safe! Consult our list of rogue casinos and warnings before depositing at a new casino.
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24 October 2011 - 12:35am

This is the first time I've heard of a casino using this reason to withhold winnings/payouts, has anyone else had a similar experience.
Contacting Rome has always been difficult and basically all the Top Game casino have earned similar poor reputations.