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10 July 2020 - 2:11pm

Ruby Slots doesn’t pay winnings

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I won on a no rules bonus and ruby slots did not honor my win as they added cashback on top of my balance! Their rules specifically state that if you have a balance and cashback is added to that balance the rules of the bonus you were playing apply. I was playing a no rules no play through or withdrawal max bonus and won 1500 dollars and they said my cashback is how I won! That is not true I had a balance in my acct when the cashback was added and yet they will not pay me! On top of that as I argued with them for two months they did then say my withdrawal was approved which was 1400 at the time as they already started processing the 100 and now they are saying oh that withdrawal approval was to remove it from ur acct??!! What??? I said it's says manager approval manager withdrawal on the same day I got confirmation that my withdrawal was approved which shows on their site 1400! Needless to say now that I'm checking the status of that check they are saying all you won was 100 and the 1500 was declined because u won on cashback! Give me a break I did not win 1500 on the 40 dollars cashback it was on my deposit and no rules fiesta bonus! Cashback was added into my balance and their rules say the binus rules would apply! Not true they do not honor their rules! They do not want to pay just take ur money!!!!!!
Don't play this casino they do not honor when u win regardless of u showing them proof of ur balance and msgs and chats it's just BS

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13 July 2020 - 6:37am

Yep sorry, they are part of one of the oldest and most well known rogue casino groups. The operator has been ripping off punters for probably 20 years now.

Next time check our blacklist page before depositing at a casino.

Always play it safe! Consult our list of rogue casinos and warnings before depositing at a new casino.
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15 July 2020 - 12:12am

Man, it's so distressing to see how many people are still getting ripped off by these bad joints. It's even worse knowing there's way more than are posting to let us know about it. 😞