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9 August 2013 - 5:24pm

Powerball Winners and MORE: People with MONEY!

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Hello CL Friends!

I certainly wish I was here to announce that it is I, HOPE777, who was the Minnesota Powerball winner, but if you have seen the news, you will know it is not so. I used to live very close to the town where this man bought the winning ticket. It is a very small town/suburb of the cities. I lived and worked in Anoka County for many years. He sure came forward fast, didn't he? WOW! Like right NOW. I think I would wait a while, wouldn't you?

Do you all know which states that allow winners to stay private? And why don't all states allow for that option, I wonder? My sons and I were talking about that last night. This guy said he wanted to quickly become "yesterday's news," so maybe that is why he came forward SO SO SO quickly!

There are NUMEROUS articles and/or videos out there on this topic, but I will link ONE right here:


What in the world would YOU do? I would instantly start crying with RELIEF of all my worries and anxieties over forever (well at least regarding money, lol), and I joke and say that I would start "praising the Lord." haha! Wink Smile

So now Paul White is RICH.

And speaking of the rich, I wanted to mention something else. I went to the land casino for a few days, because my friend had a free suite. I didn't win, but I did not lose either. I didn't play much, and I played very cautiously, because one can do a lot of damage in three days and two nights, lol, and I just don't have that kind of money. So I was a very "good girl," and I had a lot of fun, but friends honestly? Slots are damn tight ALL OVER in Minnesota at least. EVERYONE is complaining about that and about getting into bonuses to only get a few bucks.

I am straying from my topic now. My friend was talking to a woman at the casino who had a SUITE comped for ONE MONTH! Can you even believe that? I mean how much money do you have to spend at a land casino to have a suite comped for an entire month? And would that even be fun to stay there for an entire month? I am always ready to go home after two nights and that would be MAX! And I go like maybe four to six times per year, and that is why it is fun to me. But to each your own.

Would you like to stay at a land casino in a suite for an entire month? How much do you think she would have to spend to achieve that. She obviously had the "platinum" card or whatever.

Anyway, just some thoughts. Thanks for listening to the ramblings of Hope777.

I wish I could have announced a big win. But wait! Publisher's Clearing House $5,000 per week for LIFE drawing is this month! I can still hold out hope................. Wink Tongue


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