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4 November 2012 - 5:06pm

cash advance fees

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Does anybody know what us bank that does not charge credit card cash advance fees for online casinos

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5 November 2012 - 12:35am

Never use your credit card to play on casinos fees for Credit Cards are too high. Use a service like OKPay or PasteandPay


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5 November 2012 - 2:38am

What VPRoyalFlush said. The fees are ridiculous. I remember one time I needed like $50 in cash for an emergency from my Credit Card. I had to pay the principal back plus $30 interest.

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5 November 2012 - 3:09am

so true.. are we not drowning yet with super duper high interest rates and they got bailed out not us.. just sayin'

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5 November 2012 - 10:47am

The high fees are why I went to netspend prepaid card. the fee per transaction (deposit @ casino) is one dollar. Much better than what my credit card was charging....10-20 a pop.