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6 October 2012 - 2:38am

Big Bird Gets 17,000 "Tweets" per SECOND on debate night! LOL!

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What you think about Romney's Pledge about PBS?

Is this really the place to start? What about banks, big business, etc., but BIG BIRD? REALLY? 🤷

Still scratching my head here.

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6 October 2012 - 5:45pm

I think the point was that getting rid of things that aren't necessary is part of the solution. For all the jokes about Big Bird and being unemployed, there is the reality that the government pays about $442 million each year for a subsidy to PBS.

With things as bad as we have them deficit wise, do we really need to spending that much for PBS? The cut wouldn't even end the channel or Sesame Street, as most of the funds there are made through fundraising or merchandising efforts.

Adding things up like that and really getting rid of spending that doesn't need to be there is really one of the only ways that you will see the deficit slowed down or eventually reduced.


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7 October 2012 - 9:58pm

I agree with you 'Slim.. it's about time we cut back most of the unnecessary spending.

Parents should spend more quality time reading to their kids instead of letting them watch alone on TV without parental guidance. Look what these new generation have become.. scary thought!