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27 September 2012 - 11:41pm


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Hi CL-Friends!

I am just wondering if there is a small chance anyone has watched Luther? I just finished Season One, and if you are looking for a new series to watch, I would highly recommend Luther.

The Wire fans will recognize Idris Elba, who so infamously played Stringer Bell, and who is now on the other side of the law playing Luther.

My only complaint is SHORT seasons, and only two of them available on Project Free TV. I read they are coming out with Season Three, but they will again only have a few episodes. Word is they are also pushing for a Luther movie. I am all for that!

At first I thought, "Oh, just another detective show." (It is a British series), but every episode gets better, and now all I can say is WOW!

Any other Luther fans on board?