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7 March 2012 - 9:20pm

Kiva Group

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Hello CL Friends!

LuckyMe asked how many Kiva members have joined under the Casino Listings group. I wanted to post here so those who ARE active on Kiva realize there is a group for you to join. The CL group now has seven members. We could definitely use more to represent us on Kiva. So, if you are already a member, just find the group and click to join!

If you are not yet involved in Kiva, consider donating some of your CL Chips or at least joining in preparation of doing so:

Like LuckyMe said, "The more the merrier!"

3 CL-Ed, barbadosslim93, Ubetcha

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25 July 2012 - 6:17am

I made a couple of loans yesterday after my post and I noticed they are showing the interest rate and also how much the intermediary field partner is profiting on each loan. These were the two I loaned to:

Nuevo Camino Group in Chile
Portfolio Yield: 34.80%
Profitability (Return on Assets): -26.9%

Uzinduzi Group
Portfolio Yield: 66.11%
Profitability (Return on Assets): 0.49%

So you can see that the field partners charge what we would call a high interest rate (66% on the 2nd one!) but in both cases they are making no profit, and in fact the first partner is losing loads of money at the moment (-26%). Lets hope they stay in business long enough for the loan to be repaid!

I'll be sure to check those numbers out in future, both to make sure I am not loaning where the intermediary is making a huge profit, and to make sure they are viable so my loan has a better chance of being repaid.


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