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21 July 2020 - 11:50am

Asking for advice. $25,000 bankroll for 2020

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What's up Casinolistings Community. I fell into some money this summer and I am considering using a small percentage (25K) to see if I could roll it into a profit during the season. I've been betting on the NFL for roughly 25 years as a small player (100-500 units per play) but have seen good returns more often than not. I am a fairly confident bettor that pays attention to trends but also rolls with instinct.

Obviously this season will be unlike any we've seen previously. Coronavirus and everything that goes with it will have an impact on the season and individual games that we will likely not understand until 2020 is over with. Just looking for tips / advice. And that includes rolling the 25K into investment portfolios and waiting for next year.

Cheers and GL to everyone this season.

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21 July 2020 - 1:02pm

I'm not a sports bettor but it does seem like as a country, we're not making good progress on stifling Covid so I do wonder if there will be any sports this year and to what extent. It may very well be a good idea to invest it instead. I've done 0 research but I wonder if the pharma companies racing to get a vaccine to market would be worthwhile investments? Much of the economy seems so questionable.


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22 July 2020 - 12:02am

IMHO either option is a minefield. A few months ago I would have said invest in a stock market index fund after the covid correction but now a lot of those losses have been regained and it is hard to see the U.S. stock market as anything other than irrationally overvalued.

It will take years to undo the mess the USA currently finds itself in. And if Trump does lose in November it probably won't impress the stock market given his propensity to ignore regulation, labour and environmental controls and allow business to do pretty much anything they like.

So it is hard to see upside there unless you have a crystal ball and can predict individual winners like Reckless suggested, which is way harder than people think. Even most of the pro fund managers can't beat an index fund.

Obviously don't confuse gambling with investing (long term), but it sounds to me that you should stick with what you know best.


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