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16 May 2019 - 6:00pm


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Just when I thought I've seen everything when it comes to online betting, today I saw a betting site that offers online cockfighting betting. I know different cultures have different standards and laws, but I still found it surprising to see this online, complete with the possibility of a live stream.

Is this something new or has this been online for a long time? I've never seen it, and I wouldn't bet on it, but I am curious to know if this has a foothold online. I know here in the States the activity is more or less underground, as are things like dog fights, which are felonies in most places.

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17 May 2019 - 8:30am

Yeah that sort of thing is illegal here too. Ain't the internet an amazing place?


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17 May 2019 - 1:20pm

I wouldn't bet on that as well.

Not having any knowledge of this birds anyway except that they could be extremely annoying when you trying to fall asleep being in the country 🙂

Yeah I thought this is illegal as well, never saw a betting odds for that on the sites I've been staking over the years.

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17 May 2019 - 2:37pm

Yeah it's crazy. I mean would you watch an online dogfight and put odds on it? This site isn't on the deep web, either. It's one that's been covered quite a bit.


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18 May 2019 - 9:09am

For online cockfighting I have seen it 3 years ago but maybe they already existed before first knowing their whereabouts, but because I don't really like cockfighting so I have never bet on that game and never went to see that game .

I also see that there are quite different online gambling games and I have tried a several times, on local gambling sites this game is known as "shoot fish", have you ever heard or even played it? And I think there is no pleasure at all and the winning rate is also very small, i think it's the worst idea for a game.


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18 May 2019 - 5:27pm

I just looked up the cockfighting betting in google, to find a bunch of sites, surprisingly.

I knew that cockfighting was a huge and popular sports (& betting) in Thailand and Cambodia.
But it seems more widespread in Southeast Asian countries.

In Korea, cockfighting was probably done long long before, but not anymore, not that I heard of.
There come news on illegal dogfightings from time to time.

Traditionally, bullfighting was popular, but it wasn't as cruel as cockfighting.
The game is settled when one bull runs away.