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13 April 2020 - 12:42am

BetOnline won't pay bad beat poker jackpot

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I am trying to see if this site could possibly help me get my bad beat jackpot winnings from BetOnline.I have ben trying to get somebody to help make them pay me for over six months now ,have already posted and had Sportsbook review help me but they still did not pay me .I contacted the Panama Gaming Commission they said they would pay me at first then apparently changed there minds as I never got check in mail and now they will not return my emails.

Here is exactly what happened last summer I decided to pay on the 1$ and 2$ bad beat jackpot tables do not normally play on the tables unless jackpot is large and my account has a good amount of money in it ,had won a little tournament and it paid a few hundred ,scents this jackpot was getting so big said what the heck felt kind of lucky for some reason.

I played for about a hour took a break and the computer told me in a pop up screen please don't go the jackpot just got easier to win meaning the card was lowered from Jacks so if I made a four of a kind tens would definitely win but with jackpot almost at 800,000 thousand was thinking sixes or better may win ,in past contests they normally lower the card every hundred thousand till somebody wins. I get back from my little break and was dealt two tens and flopped two tens ,so naturally I am trying to get as much money as I can because there is no doubt in my mind I was going to win this hand ,every time I bet he would call, on last card he goes all in and of course I can not wait to call think pot was around eight hundred, could not believe it when I saw a strait flush and just lost all my money.

Then I thought I just won the bad beat jackpot and legally I did but BetOnline at first said they would pay me then changed there mind and said I could not win jackpot with tens has to be Jacks or better ,could not believe after gambling with this company scents 2015 have never not once asked for a payout waiting to hit a big jackpot or score ,finally did after all this time and they are refusing to pay me with the excuse that is a flat out and out lie and fraud ,the computer had just told me the card was lowered before I started playing ,BetOnline states in black and white in there rules as the jackpot gets bigger the card gets lowered in past jackpots normally starts a one hundred thousand this jackpot was eight times higher than that so the card could have ben lowered eight times and they have nerve to say it was not ,also the hand I should have won with has won more past bad beat jackpots than any other hand and guess what the hand won with a lot less money in the jackpot than when I hit.

It seems like BetOnline wants to pick and choose who they want to win jackpot and past winners was really BetOnline paying themselves .Had the same poker player hit the jackpot twice in 3months nobody really ever heard of the fellow and poker community feels like it was BetOnline paying themselves the odds of losing with a four of a kind twice in two months in separate jackpot is not even close to being believable ,then I win and they refuse to pay knowing anybody with half a brain can see or even look at screen shots that the card was lowered and they don't want to pay paying customers just there BetOnline Bots ,will this site please help me get my winnings will gladly pay this site or give a more than generous donation if successful. Thanks

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13 April 2020 - 3:06am

I feel for you but I don't think we're going to be able to help you because you have already tried the avenues I would have suggested. If the Panama Gaming Control Board have said no, and Sportsbook Review have not been able to persuade a site they rate A+ and presumably refer a lot of customers to, then we would stand little chance as we have no leverage other than bad publicity. And BetOnline has had plenty of that over the past few years with the blackjack dealer cheating scandal among other things.

There's one big problem I have with your story. To be clear I am not saying that you are not telling the truth as there is no real way to be certain either way. The problem is that presumably the jackpot is paid automatically when the bad beat hand happens, with a big congratulations message and everyone at the table gets to virtually high five each other as they get a percentage? Assuming that is correct, if the qualifier had been set to quad 10s or better it should have automatically triggered.

The fact that the jackpot didn't trigger suggests that the game had not been set to be won with the quad 10s or better, despite the promotional message. So the screw up on BetOnline's part could very well have been showing that message before the game had been set to match it. If that is indeed what happened then it is a very rough situation indeed and possibly worthy of you being paid. But without proof of the message you saw (i.e. a dated/timestamped screenshot or video of the message, or other players who saw the same thing at the same time) there isn't really any way to corroborate your version of what happened.

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16 April 2020 - 8:33pm

Unfortunately I have to agree with Ed, it is indeed a very sad situation. I do believe that it is possible that the message appeared but that it was a glitch in their system, in this case I would think that the casino should award you with some compensation for the troubles you've had. Otherwise.. if the avenues you tried turned you down, I don't think there's not much CL can do, or anyone else.

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21 August 2020 - 4:59am

Well saying #black, says the truth the right situation.

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21 August 2020 - 6:11pm

There's nothing worse than hearing about a jackpot being won and not being paid out. Sucks that as Americans a lot of us don't have a regulated option to help investigate and enforce issues like this.

Maybe one day...

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22 October 2020 - 11:07am

I think I am not really familiar with this... but I feel bad for what you went through... have you tried contacting them? or reporting the site? I think you should look for other sites to play with. i also think that playing with too much bots is a big no no.