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9 January 2024 - 4:02am

Beware of playing on - unfair account verification procedure

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I have been a player on Leon for awhile and never had a problem.

I took a break from playing there and later on signed up on as I saw they were also owned by the same company Moonlite N.V. so I figured it was a great place to play as well.

I have deposited, withdrawn and verified my account without a problem. I then tried to withdraw again in the amount of $4000 and I was hit with another account verification.

This time they are requesting a bank statement in PDF format only. No screenshots like every other site I have played on accepted including Moonlite N.V. site Leon. This is extremely unfair as they are requesting something that the bank only generates once a month. I cannot get the bank to generate a real time statement of transactions up until today. This is a standard banking practice. I have 3 accounts with 3 different banks and they only generate the monthly PDF statement once a month. I took screenhots of the bank account, a void cheque showing the account information and prooving it was mine, screenshots of the specific interac etransfer transactions but they were all declined. This is an obvious stall tactic to get a player to lose their winnings while waiting. I literally have to wait until the end of the month before something that like is available. How is that fair? I don't know. Total deposits were around $3000 and total withdrawals including the above mentioned one is around $4500. So we are not talking huge money either. Deposits were all made by interac etransfer, which is absolutely bullet proof when it comes to not being able to chargeback, fraud, etc. Once its sent, its sent and gone from your account forever. So why this level of verification is required doesn't make sense.

I have contacted my bank and they can print off transactions up until todays like I can do at home, but its not in the format of the monthly statement and it didnt work.

I am seriously considering seeking out profiles on social media LinkedIn, etc until I get this resolved. This kind of behavior from a site is predatory and extremely unfair to the player.

Please use this as a warning before playing on any sites owned by Moonlite N.V. Oddsring and

If I can get them to come to a rationale decision I will certainly update this post.

Any suggestions? lol

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9 January 2024 - 6:04pm

So, asking for a bank statement or something to verify your residence isn't out of the question. When you do send, you should black out everything but your name and address.

It's kind of weird that you can't get eStatements from your bank's online banking. They should have those in their system. Also, why can't you just send them an old bank statement?

Just trying to help!

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10 January 2024 - 10:37am

I have run into the same problem, where the casino wanted the bank statement and also show the transactions made into their casino, date and time and my name in the same screenshot.

Problem was, that was impossible for me to give them. Using interact etransfer my money goes to Payer or Gigadat and thats what it shows. Shows dates but never specific times. And I deposit pretty much the same amount all the time everywhere so I couldny single anything out. My statement, once a month and never in between. I gave it to them once on the day I got it, but they didnt look at it until 2 days later , making it worthless because it wasnt up to that day again.

I completely understand understand your frustration
dietpepsiaddict, I finally talked the casino into listening to reason and understand that what they wanted from me was impossible to give them.

Try and stay polite with them and calm. You dont want to give them any reasons , stated in their t&c to not issue your money.
(example would be no tolerance for verbal abuse of any kind is in lots of t&c.)
Go into your bank and ask for a physical copy of your bank statement, up to date, and they'll give you one, and when they do, get them to email it to you that same day as well. When you download it from the email , just do it in pdf format.
I hope some of rhis or all can help you out, I know its frustrating beyond belief, but stick with it, and you'll get your money, im sure of it.

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10 January 2024 - 10:38am

Your from Canada I see. Your bank wouldnt be Royal Bank of Canada would it?

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10 January 2024 - 12:16pm

If there's one thing I can recommend, don't spend your winnings. Be patient, provide them what you can but don't get upset and lose what you've won.

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