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15 May 2021 - 9:03am

My Experience with Chumba Casino

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A few months ago, I saw some ads about Chumba Casino. I decided to try them because they seemed to have unique games.

Signing up with them is a breeze. On the other hand, to be approved for withdrawal, they require that you fill out a form, giving your bank information, submit your ID and also a copy of your bank statement for withdrawal purposes. I thought that the requirement of providing a copy of my bank statement was invasive. However, since I have more than one checking account, I decided to give them one I used primarily for gambling and alike expenses. However, in the form that I filled out, I had mistakenly given them another checking account number. Since the checking account number on the form and the one on the bank statement, did not match, they came back asking me to give them a bank statement for that checking account that I mentioned on the form as well. I refused.

Upon going back and forth on this issue, I finally asked and they agreed to use the bank statement that I sent to them and drop their demand for the second bank statement. This back and forth issue took about six weeks to resolve, primarily because they don't have live customer service. Communication was made by opening a ticket and conversing and replying through that ticket.


They have two types of coins you can play with:

1. Gold Coins (GC), which have no monetary value. You use them just for fun, you cannot cash them or redeem them for anything.

2. Sweeps Coins (SC). This is the coin that has monetary value. 1 Sweep Coin equals 1 dollar (US)

To play you have to buy Gold Coins. For each purchase of Gold Coins, they will give you free Sweeps Coins that equal the value of your purchase in dollars. In other words, if you buy $20 worth of Gold Coins, they will give you 5000000 Gold Coins, and 20.5 Sweeps Coins.

While you are playing a game, you can switch to play with either coin.

Their homepage says that they provide fastest checkout. However, their withdrawal page says that it takes 14 days to process a withdrawal request.

Their games were unique, with good graphics and fast. Unlike other game platforms struggling to get rid of their Flash games, they didn't have any Flash games, which made you feel that they are up to date with technology.

Unlike most online casinos they don't give you deposit bonuses. I didn't enjoy playing there because unlike other online casinos that I am used to, most of their spins tend to return $0. The minimum I usually play per spin is $2.50. Imagine going through tons of games playing a ton of spins at $2.50 and getting primarily $0 for each spin day in and day out. That means you can lose a lot of money pretty quickly and that was my experience every time I played there. I didn't get a chance to enjoy those games because I was losing so fast. I stopped playing there and closed my account after playing there for a few months and losing several thousand dollars an not winning once.

When I asked the casino to close the account, I did urge them to play at other casinos and compare theirs to the others. They did respond saying that their system was certified by Gaming Associates (independent and internationally recognized Accredited Testing Facility) and provided this link for me to check.