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23 February 2021 - 5:44am

Refuel Casino scam

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i dont know how this work i like to warn players for refuel casino from curacao they dont pay they are scam.i deposited 230€ and won 400€ i cashed out to my skril immidiatly the withdrawal page shows it initilized but i still could see it was still in my balance contacted support they told me it would be fixed by payement department .after 1 hour i logged in it was cancelled .i requested again a withdrawal and contacted support they told me there was an issue ith skrill and it would be fixed .after i hour i logged in again withdrawal again cancelled to make it short they cancelled my withdrawal 3x and due frustration i played it away and lost it no single win.after contacting support and complained about the way this after losing my withdrawal suddenly payment department told me to contact skrill because they would not accept a withdrawal .are you kidding me?i never had an issue with skrill for last 11 years so they telling me i can deposit but not withdraw with skrill. ?

these casinos are operated from curacao with a jazz scam license it is not even a license but a permission to have an ip adress from that island and they can freely scam players no one bothers them.the site itself is horrible i get logged out 30 x while betting the computer freezes and have to reboot every time .my advice stay away i have been scammed and they will scam you too.anoither evil curacao casino there are a lot of them .i remember magical spins casino did the same with 5000 € and kept cancelling the withdrawal multiple times until i broke and played it is a shame these criminal are supported by shady overseas islands.

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23 February 2021 - 9:02am

Well, I've been in your shoes. Recently I played at a casino (won't drop any names) and my skrill withdrawal was cancelled for unknown reasons, then bank and card withdrawals were cancelled too. But with that being said, issue with withdrawal happens also in good casinos sometimes, I think it's important how they communicate it. I understand your frustration though.

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26 February 2021 - 1:23am

I have had similar issues and frustration with casinos but do give them a chance to get back and get things sorted for you 🙂 we are going through a rough climate at the moment and things can take longer than expected but if your left in the dark for good that's a different story altogether really

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26 February 2021 - 6:41pm

trying to get my deposits back at least what they can do they dont comunicate anymore they have blocked my their site you can file a complain to their licensee but they intercept it and deleted my complain.criminal practices.they won 230€ but lost me since i can play thousands a week.pour simple mind people they think at one moment.

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18 June 2021 - 10:31am

Oh, yes ! I played, they wouldn't let me withdraw the funds! These damn scammers

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18 June 2021 - 11:05am

If you made a deposit through Skrill, I don't see why Skrill is refusing payment. For several years I have never encountered a refusal to deposit or withdraw by Skrill.