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29 November 2020 - 7:18pm

Rich Palms Casino. / Lucky Tiger Casino

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I want to kindly warn others to not ever deposit your money to Rich Palms Casino. I have been a loyal player for over a year. I deposited every week and was able to withdraw just once, after meeting wagering requirements. My winnings totaled $270.00. I called them, and the agent instructed me to send them copies of my driver's license. ( front and back), a bill that had my name and address on it, the bill had to be no older than 2 months old. The card authorization forms for all credit cards used to deposit. I had 6 credit cards but had only used two of them for the last 9 months. There was one card that I used only once and over a year ago. I couldn't find that card because it had been so long and probably a virtual visa. I let them know that and they said that was not a problem. I was instructed to ignore the bank wire information on the withdraw form and to write on it that I wanted my winnings to be deposited into the debit card I have used for over 9 months. I had to send photos of all credit cards ( front and back) but cover the 4 numbers in the middle and cover the cvc code on the back. I sent all the required documents and then called them back to see if they received it. The agent told me everything looked great and she was forwarding everything to the withdrawal department and I would have my winnings within 4 business days. I was excited to finally be able to withdrawal and it was my first time. I called them again on the 3rd business day to check the status. I spoke with a different agent who told me that my documents were not clear and to send them again and I would have to wait another 4 days ( now totaling 8 days), when the first agent told me everything was fine. Io was not happy at all. I felt they should al be on the same page but went through all of it again, and sent all documents again. I called the next day, and the 3rd agent told me they needed a copy of that debit card I had used only once and over a year ago, when the other agent said it was no problem. I was very frustrated at this point after being told different things from 3 different employees. The agent got a manager on the phone who identified himself as Odell. He apologized that I was misinformed and had to go through all that mess and he was going to get it straight, get the finance department to rush my withdraw and would contact me through email. I waited two days and I didn't hear from him, he didn't email me and when I called them again, Odell is no where to be found. I called again and the 4th agent told me that I needed to give them my bank account # and the routing number. I told him the first agent told me to cross that portion of the form out, because my winnings had nothing to do with my bank account, and was going to be deposited into the prepaid debit card that I had used to deposit. I was extremely upset and aggravated and told the agent that I have not been contacted at all, not even a email, been told 4 different things from 3 agents and a manager and was not comfortable giving my bank information, when they have not shown 1 sign of being honest or legit. I was hung up on and they have blocked me from calling them, and even blocked me from speaking on live chat with them. Do NOT deposit or trust this casino. They are all scammers and I couldn't get $270.00 from them, when I deposited more than that in the last month. I am sickened thinking about all the money they got from me. I cant imagine what they would do if they had gotten my bank number and routing number. The ONLY good thing that came from all of this, is they won't get another penny from me. They should be shut down. Please pass this message on if you know anyone who uses online casinos.