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4 July 2020 - 3:07pm


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A first for me this morning with online casino ,I joined Lionel-bet or should I say robbers instead of bet ,your first 3 deposits entitled you to 3 bonuses ,first 2 I got nothing due to lack of information and what you had to do to obtain them , read what you had to do when depositing my 3rd ,apparently I was supossed to enter FIRST and SECOND when depositing . Fortunately I noticed before my next deposit so entered THIRD with my 25.00 ,upon going back to games realised I had good bit more than the 25 I'm pleased to say ha ha .Knowing It would not be withdrawable used it up .

Later on when on email saw the transaction and opened mail up . Too my bloody astonishment having only deposited one 25.00 that night I noticed there was a second deposit 8 minutes after the 25 , It was only for 200.00 of which i told you used all up thinking it was their brilliant 3 bonuses added together .I am tee total so was of sane mind yet somehow I had hit 200.00 , at this point when you deposit on this crap robbing site (which Prism Market formerly Tall mountain limited) you also have to enter your email address which I know only got entered by myself once , I live alone so nobody else involved .

If I had only checked reviews on all review site i've looked at today before joining. I thought all sites were monitored on fair play. Anyway I managed to cancel the 200 transaction this morning at my bank, contacted that robbing site and all i got was that I deposited 25 and 8 minutes later 200.00 so I ended the omline chat with the employee just letting her know that I had stopped the 200 transaction completing as advised to notify by my bank .Dont know how this will end but if I can stop other people joining that shi---le of a website it will give me some gratification .

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6 July 2020 - 5:39am
2gram2 wrote:

Prism Market formerly Tall mountain limited

Oh oh. That is really bad news.

That means they are part of probably the worst group of rogue operators in the world today, otherwise known as AffPower, GameTech, or Conan Gaming. They are basically an organised criminal enterprise using casinos as the front for stealing money from people. They are up to their necks in all kinds of dodgy and criminal behaviour. Aside from just inventing reasons not to pay people, they are known to have engaged in hacking websites to insert ads for their casinos, offering unlicensed pirated games with tampered RNGs, deliberately targeting self excluded gamblers with addiction problems, the list goes on.

Other casinos might get a bit of leeway and assume something went wrong, but with these crims I have no doubt that the 200 charge was an attempt at stealing from you.

You have done the right thing in filing a charge back with your bank.

Please in future do a bit of research on the casino you are thinking of playing at before you deposit money. You're in the United Kingdom so at a minimum make sure the site you are playing at is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. If they are not, they are breaking UK law by accepting you as a customer and you have no consumer protection if something goes wrong.

Lionel Bets must be a new site because they were not on our blacklist, but they are now. Bookmark our blacklist page here and use it as one of your resources when checking out a prospective casino.

Always play it safe! Consult our list of rogue casinos and warnings before depositing at a new casino.
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6 July 2020 - 1:21pm

I second Ed. If someone steals from you, you HAVE to take action to get it back. I hope you end up getting it back and also, F AffPower.