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12 February 2020 - 12:50am

Valentine's Day dating profiles of slot characters - who's your pick?

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Let's face it, the link with online casinos and the most romantic day of the year is tenuous at best. But I did like the angle taken by Casumo this year, they've put together dating profiles of characters in popular slots. The Casumo article is reproduced below.

What do you think of these singles? Can you introduce potential singles from your favourite slots??

Valentine's Day 2020 - Matchmaking game ON
It's soon that day of the year again. When love is in the air and romance is all around. Well, for some. In fact, quite a few of your favourite slot characters are ready to get back in the game - the game of love, that is. Have a look at our hand-picked selection of available singles who are ready to mingle. Whether your ideal date is aboard a Viking ship or at a Japanese restaurant, we got this. Check out their dating profiles below!

Love shall be in the air on Valentine's Day 2020
As said, we've carefully selected a bunch of Valentine's Day date candidates who are full of potential. Please allow us to introduce you to our love-seeking singles:

Jack Hammer
Even though Jack might come across as somewhat rigid, he does like to move his hips when the jazz is right. Jack is the protective type, a proper gentleman.
Real class like this is hard to come by these days!

Profession: Top Secret.
Perfect date: Dinner at a jazz club.
Favourite accessory: Never leaves the house without his leather gloves.
Do: Make sure to look Jack straight in the eyes, avoiding eye contact tends to raise his suspicion.
Don't: Try to avoid sudden movements.

After a rather volatile marriage, Lagertha is ready to get back in the dating game! She's a courageous woman who doesn't shy away from a stormy boat ride or a late night game of Risk. Patience and kindness are key to breaking through Lagertha's shield.

Pets: Used to have a bear and a hound.
Favourite food: Wild boar.
Perfect date: Hunt for wild boar; roast wild boar; eat wild boar.
Likes: Lagertha likes to rule over places and people.
Dislikes: Sore losers.

If you're into Apocalyptical looks then Conan might just be the guy for you! Though referred to as "The Barbarian", Conan more than often expressed not to relate much to his nickname. Behind his brute and muscular appearance hides a warmhearted, soft spoken man who enjoys writing poetry and long beach walks.

Proud of: His defined calf muscles.
Perfect date: An all-day crossfit sesh whilst reciting poetry.
Does for fun: 1000 push-ups.
Fears: Dark magic.
Dreams: Become a published poet / author.

Carnival Queen
Make sure to loosen up the ol' hips before going on a date with this night owl! Dancing is the love of her life, so you'll need to be okay with coming second; if you are, you're guaranteed to be in for a good time.

Favourite party: Mardi Gras -all night, every night.
Must have: Tons of colourful beaded necklaces.
Perfect date: Dancing until sunrise.
Do: Warm up and stretch before the start of the date, your leg muscles will thank you the next day.
Don't: Never offer your bar stool to this lady.

The Invisible Man
Granted, he's a bit of a shy one. The Invisible Man, his friends know him as Griffin, prefers to stay out of the limelight. Which is why he usually doesn't go on dates, but 2020 is a special year and he feels it's time for someone to really see him.

Perfect date: Halloween party.
Proud of: Won Laser Tag Champion of the Year Award 17 times in a row.
Likes: The dark.
Dislikes: People who see right through him.
Hobby: Science and experiments.

Koi Princess
Koi might be a Princess, but she's by no means the demanding type. She's a kind soul, always offers her help to people in need; friends can count on her. Koi is looking for a life partner so don't ask her out if you're not ready to commit!

Favourite drink: Green tea kombucha.
Favourite food: Pizza.
Perfect date: Helping out in the dragon shelter.
What you didn't know: Koi wears blue contact lenses.
Fears: People finding out about her blue contact lenses.

Sheriff's a man of few words. His work has taken a toll on him and he prefers not to talk about it. In his spare time, Sheriff likes to work with clay, he feels pottery helps him to express his deepest, inner feelings. He's looking for someone to shape his next vase with.

Favourite cologne: Wild Wild Musk.
Perfect date: A quiet dinner in the back of a local brown cafe.
Pet peeve: An unpolished badge.
Bad habit: Shoots when startled.
Proud of: His latest handmade, porcelain ashtray. And capturing Billy the Kid.


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12 February 2020 - 1:05am

Here are my introductions

Raquel and Audrey: These ladies are your Playboy hosts in Playboy Gold. They have a preference for older men but haven't had much success with long term relationships.
Favourite drink: champagne of course!
Perfect date: fancy restaurant with lots of champagne
Favourite animal: bunny

Riche Wilde: This globetrotting adventurer is a great catch, if you can tie him down long enough to get to know him.
Favourite place: it's a tie for Ancient Egypt, India or the home of the Aztecs
Most treasured item: his Golden Book of Dead collection
Greatest fear: spiders

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12 February 2020 - 5:56pm

According to my wife: Jack Hammer. I wish she'd give me a reason why! 😂

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13 February 2020 - 1:58am

Where is Jane Blonde, I'm surprised she isnt on there.


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13 February 2020 - 2:02am

Heres maybe a better choice, although I'm sure most guys would be better off staying clear of this next bunch of Valentine's day hopefuls lol



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17 February 2020 - 8:23pm

I was reading the descriptions and realized there wasn't one that would fit my "perfect partner" 😂 Oh well, maybe next year!

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