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4 January 2020 - 11:06pm

My Online Casino Experience, Strategy and Tips

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I am writing this because I have decided to quit gambling before I become extremely addicted but have busted my ass over this past year to figure this out and want to pass on the knowledge/observations that I have gained in order to potentially help you all out.

To start, here is a Flickr album of all of the wins I have been able to capture:

Quick Overview
I started being big into sports gambling on Bovada and then after winning, dabbling in the casino. I HATED slots because I knew it was all programmed (payout %, total payout %, odds) and so I just would spin around $0.2 and hope to win enough to throw a bet down on another game.

Then in January 2019 I stumbled across an online casino (casinomax) which offered a free chip for creating an account. I quickly started realizing there are a ton of online casinos that exist and nearly all of them offered free chips with max cash outs of around $100 and even though that isn't huge, with the mentality that casinos were 100% pure luck, I was happy to spend $0 and have a bit of side income here and there. Most of the time I was able to cash out with bitcoin but sometimes they required a wire transfer so I simply set up a free "burner" bank account (capital one 360 is the one I used) for these and have never had a problem.

Eventually I ran out of casinos with free chips to sign up for but by now, after winning here and there ONLY playing slots, I realized that it actually was possible and began to work on seeing if I could come up with a strategy to help the odds swing more in my favor.

Though I cannot briefly explain/teach my strategy since a lot of it comes from a personal understanding of each one of these slots which simply takes time (and costs a lot lol) and gigantic list of fact based assumptions I have come up with, I can, from personal experience, summarize a few big points I have found over the time I have played:
1. There is literally no such thing as a truly random function in code. It is legit impossible to create. The closest thing you can get to random requires a thing called a "seed" and this seed needs to be based on something.
2. I dug into the javascript code and though obviously they don't have the logic client side, you can view some things that they keep track of and send to the server side code (potentially one helping with creating the seed). Also with this info you can make some other assumptions which ultimately helped pay off for me personally.
3. Though these slots' jackpots are random, you cannot deny the data out there which pretty much says around $x price, this jackpot will typically hit. This was another thing which helped me make a safe assumption that these slots are not, by definition, entirely random.
4. Being from the US, it is absolutely mind blowing how much better your odds are on any Best Partner (BP) based websites (Bovada, cafe casino,, over your standard RTG site. This applies to spins AND jackpots.
4.a. Not only are they odds wise better but they have un-fucking-real customer service/ToC compared to any other provider. The second best RTG casino I would say is the casinomax based casinos and just even the fact you can only withdrawal $4000/week and cannot have the rest even pending is bs. All they are doing when they do this is testing your ability to walk away knowing there's available money there and know almost all people will at least play a tad more over the week they are waiting. Don't get me wrong, they are still solid casinos, but at the end of the day it should be treated as your money, not theirs, and Best Partner based casinos are the closest ones to doing that by a mile.
5. There IS a thing as a hot and cold slot. As per usual, I don't have actual proof, but I do have a lot of experience based proof in my favor. For example, I have played side by side with my fiancé on the same sites and 9/10 times, if one of us says a slot is hitting well at $x dollars for them, it typically will, for at least a bit, be hitting just as well for you. Along with that, if a slot is set to pay out 95% and is currently at a rate of 50%... well.... its pretty straight forward how that slot assures it gets back up to the 95% (remember randomness does not entirely exist).
6. BONUSES ARE NOT BAD. This is an absolutely false claim by people who do not know how to utilize them. Without any physical proof, I would 1000% guarantee that your chances of hitting the play through quadruple if not shoot up even higher betting larger amounts per spin (I most often set the bar at $5). Let's say you deposit $25 and on cafe casino you get 350% match with btc. That puts your $$ amount over $100 and the play through of 30x around 3k. Betting $5 you still are able to have a good amount of spins on the table, you are winning larger amounts, and you are able to commit a lot more per spin towards that play through. You also have to realize, typically people bring ~$100 to a casino. If you use this betting strategy you can deposit $25 four times and have over $400 worth of $5 spins to work on finding a hot slot.
6.a. To back up my thinking as to why this works I utilized the thought behind why almost all (besides BP) casinos have maximum bets during a bonuses play through. They don't do it because they're worried you will run out of money too fast, they do it because they know it takes one big win on a higher bet to pretty much guarantee you'll make the play through amount. To add another positive to this higher bet strategy as well, the higher the amount you bet per spin, the larger chance you have to win a jackpot (though you should never do it solely to win a jackpot).
7. As pessimistic as this sounds, they want you to get addicted. How do they partially do this in my mind? Based on the JS code, I know they do track your player ID and everything about your account. Though I am confident on BP based sites they do not use this to assure things like, if you won one jackpot you can't win another, I do believe they use it as a way to increase your odds if you go on a huge losing streak. The big win on your very last spin before the account is at $0 happens way too often for me to believe its pure coincidence.
8. Believe in your method. The gamblers fallacy comes in your mind way too often. Just learn to tell it to F off.
9. Jackpot hunting done right is not a bad thing. I have noticed often that slots about to hit a jackpot actually hit pretty freaking well so as long as you approach each slot hoping it simply is hot then you can reap the benefits of it while knowing there is a chance it hits as well. The final edition of my strategy actually consisted partially of jackpot hunting.
10. WHEN YOU REQUEST A PAYOUT DO NOT EVER TOUCH THAT ACCOUNT OR EVEN LOOK AT THAT WEBSITE UNTIL IT IS PAID. I have lost well over $10k simply just reducing pending payout balances. When you have $10k you think $9k still isn't as bad but then the next day you have $9k and realize $8k isn't as bad. As much as you say you won't do this, I have seen my fiancé even dabble with this when she won her FIRST TIME. Love the money you won DO NOT think about the potential more money you could have (that you never will get). Also these sites do track how often you reduce your payout balances and then take that as a way to extend how long it takes your payout to process (no proof, just experience based logic).
11. Another thing I realized is that even the worst of the worst casinos will eventually pay out as long as you didn't violate their ToS (I picked a couple key words like "max bet" or something to quickly breeze through each casino's ToS and make sure I would be good and could use it as proof during chats) and sometimes as long as you are willing to be extremely persistent with their chat teams. For example owed me $1000 for over 30 days and then after saying my documents were being verified for that long, they, after a month, said I hadn't hit my play through and so I had to finish that up and then re-request which took another 15 days but ultimately I got paid.
12. I want to just reiterate in order to add emphasis to the fact that BP based sites slots' odds are so unbelievably better than any other modern RTG site. Even though their slots are older versions of RTG slots (since they bought the source code) they simply have realized that even if they make the odds 99% payout, they still are guaranteeing themselves a 1% profit per slot (as a note i am not saying they have a 99% rtp hah, just an example to help my point). They are the only US based website group where I can legit say they put their customers first.

I'd be happy to actually go into every single aspect of my slots experience, findings, assumptions, etc. with any person who would be interested but I just wanted to post this as a starting point with a brief overview of what I have found in order to hopefully help you all become more successful gambling online.

Final few notes:
1. I could be entirely wrong about my strategy, I have zero physical proof of code or anything to back me up, just results. So PLEASE do not take this as a guaranteed strategy, take it more as a different perspective of a gambling approach.
2. *Humble brag* These pictures are not every win (jackpots included) that I have had.
3. Here is a list that when I decided to start tracking, every single jackpot I have remembered winning or did win with $/spin and winnings if I remembered:
BP websites
- Hillbillies:
-- $11000
- Crystal waters (2x $5 spin)
-- $6000
-- $8500
- 1m reels BC
-- $108,000
- Sunken Treasure (3x $5 spin each) (1x $1 spin)
- Paradise Dreams ($2 spin)
- Tiger treasures ($10 spin)
- Ronin ($20 spin)
- Caesars empire
-- $8000 ($10 spin)
-- $8800 ($1 spin)
- Dirty Martini ($5 spin)
- Honey to the bee ($10 spin)
- Big Cash Win (Countless times at $0.50, $1, $2 and $4 once at $10)
Other RTG Sites
- Zhanshi ($2 spin)
-- 10k
- Santastic (2x)
-- Around $800 both times

4 CL-Ed, CL - klaw, WaroftheGods, Matthew

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25 January 2021 - 10:38pm
Lambino wrote:

Exploits ? I did not mean to imply that sort of research through analyzing the code through the Dev options it just interests me in general and had i any knowledge on dev tools It would be great to use them for research purposes not exploiting the site , also Chosendude has just posted his view and opinion about his observations nowhere has he said that this strategy is full proof so no need be troll on this post

Huh? In what way am I trolling?

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25 January 2021 - 10:41pm

k maybe troll is the wrong wording , what i meant to to say is lets all go a bit easy on chosendude for his insight on his personal experience some of the posts here on this subject were a bit mean in my view but i could be wrong as the lockdown and booze ban in my shit hole country is getting me oversensitive perhaps

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26 January 2021 - 1:19am

After many many years of playing land casinos and on line casinos I believe I do not need to assure any casino player in Gambling you need to be lucky More than once or twice
defining luck; last week after depositing $100 and losing $95 on slots I placed my last $5 on a number (10)at quantum Roulette the number comes up @100% $500 win. That is called players luck👍👍
I do not believe you have deposited $500 only to accumulate your analyzing strategy's.💩
Most players whom comment to your ideas will testify after years of playing it costs to learn new games or systems one plays online.
Casinos do not provide Bonuses or free $ chips for players to profit from easily if at all
From experience I would collect 1 in 20-25 times beating wagering conditions imposed.
Many of these bonus trial games I played were purely to try out new product games.
I have also played at Bovada for some time until country restrictions were imposed chasing large jackpots.(maybe restrictions a blessing)
I disagree with your idea or theory on collection. All dribble💩

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27 January 2021 - 6:13am
Reckless Bets wrote:

The answer is no, no client-side code (especially in Javascript) is going to yield any worthwhile/exploitable information. Slot developers spend a lot of time and effort making their games as airtight as possible and they're not going to send any exploitable info to the browser in such a manner.

This is a zombie topic being resurrected but I agree with what I originally wrote, in that this guy went a little deep into creating assumptions/stories about what he thought he experienced.

I actually have an interesting story relevant to this. Years ago some old Microgaming games were able to be reel-mapped because their software was sending down the full reel strip positions to the client. This meant the RTP could be calculated and verified and the exact chances of hitting every payout in the game could be calculated. Needless to say they fixed that once they got wind of it.

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