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15 November 2019 - 4:45am

Vegasfiesta Casino - non payment

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I made the mistake of not checking Casino Listings before depositing at Vega Fiesta. It is obvious that things have only grown worse since the post in 2017.
I played this casino with a generous bonus and won $600.....Now a month later I am blocked plus I am not getting paid and there is NO explanation. I am including the live chat of me asking why I was blocked and why NOT paid


00 : 54 : 33 (system): Agent Jimmy has joined the chat.
00 : 54 : 39 (Me): over an hour waiting for a response
00 : 55 : 19 (Me): why am I locked oout and where is my withdraw
00 : 55 : 27 (Jimmy): Welcome to our Casino. How are you today?
00 : 55 : 37 (Jimmy): I will gladly check your account for you, one moment please.
00 : 56 : 35 (Jimmy): The account is globally ban and refund, this is done by the risk department we have no control on.
00 : 57 : 21 (Me): 🤷?? I won 600 and only got 60 & 40... what is going on
00 : 57 : 56 (Jimmy): The account was globally ban and refund, this is done by the risk department we have no control on.
00 : 58 : 10 (Me): why no email explanation...... I have never been banned before?🤷
00 : 58 : 27 (Me): banned because I won???
01 : 00 : 04 (Me): you realise that I will be sharing this really unusual text with some of the watchdog sites. I would rather get paid and have an explanation
01 : 00 : 37 (Jimmy): As far as I see we really have no control on it.
01 : 01 : 31 (Jimmy): the risk department did this, they have they reasons, however I will gladly email an account manager asking him to explain it to you.
01 : 02 : 13 (Me): that would be good.... I was promised an email on 2 previous chats but none came
01 : 03 : 38 (Jimmy): ok I will message them now

I am totally confused by this lack of response.... and lack of explanation why I am blocked and why I am not receiving the $600 that I won.
And what are the $60 and $40 payments without explanation???
Before I post this on watchdog sites I am giving you the opportunity to pay up AND explain why the block on my account.

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15 November 2019 - 5:14am

Hi Alec,

Really sad to hear about your case. Better to read reviews of casino and gambling sites on good review websites before making any choice of a site where you are going to play and spend your precious money.

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15 November 2019 - 6:14am

Sorry to hear that Alec. I went to do a quick check over the Vegas Fiesta website and it won't even load for me. I had to look it up in the Google cache and found these gems in the T&Cs:

A quite frankly incredible 7-18 business days just to approve a withdrawal...


ii. Players can submit their withdrawal request at any time. The approval time can take seven to eighteen (7-18) business days from the date of authorization corresponding to when the process was completed successfully.

But you can only withdraw up to €250 at a time, they contradict themselves on whether the limit applies to progressive jackpot wins, and...


ix. Unless otherwise stated, and although there are no upper limits to cashable gains, the casino draws a maximum withdrawal limit based on the VIP level of the players. For withdrawals above the monthly threshold, payments are made in installments until the entire amount is paid. This threshold does not apply to progressive jackpot. Players are allowed to withdraw up to 250 Euros per request. If the amount the player wishes to withdraw is greater than 250, the remainder is left on the account. Once the first withdrawal approved, a player may submit a new application for withdrawal of the money remaining on his account. A player has the right to cancel the withdrawal request at any time while it is still ongoing. This rule also applies to withdrawals of progressive jackpots.

That first bolded sentence above is code for "we limit the amount you can win" without specifying the exact amount in the terms. Loads of other rogue Rival casinos (their software provider) have similar rules where they prevent people from winning more than say 10x their deposit if they deposit smaller amounts. Its a signature scam of one casino groups that we know of that are run by criminals (no idea if they are connected to this one though).

There are loads of other objectionable terms and gotchas. At one point they say no-oner under 25 can play at the casino yet they have an 18+ logo in their footer.

It is clear that Vegas Fiesta is not a professionally run operation. My experience tells me that they are likely to be little more than a scam masquerading as a casino.

I think you are lucky they paid you anything at all. Could the payments correspond to amounts you deposited? They may have refunded you to prevent you from filing a credit card chargeback.


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