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3 September 2019 - 2:10pm

At which online casino can I find the closest Blackjack game to Blackjack Classic "Gold" (Single Deck; S17) that accepts US play

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At which online casino can I find the closest Blackjack game to Blackjack Classic "Gold" (Single Deck; S17) that accepts US players? So far the closest thing I can find is the European version of Blackjack.

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4 September 2019 - 1:11am

Are you asking that because you want a game with comparable rules and payout rate, or the look of the game? I'm going to assume payout rate because it is 99.87% which is among the highest you will find anywhere. Unfortunately your options are fairly limited either way as there is not much competition in the U.S. friendly casino market.

Casinos using RTG software have a standard blackjack game that should pay out around 99.5% - 6 decks, BJ pays 3:2, Double any time, but dealer hits S17. You will probably find it places like Intertops, Casino Extreme, or CasinoMax.

If it is a single deck game you're after they are pretty rare. RTG also has a Super 21 game that can be configured for single deck (it defaults to 6 though) with a bunch of weird and fun rules. However there neuter it a bit by only paying even money for all blackjacks excepted for suited diamonds where they pay 2:1. The RTP ends up being a bit under 99%.

Another place you could check is one of the 5Dimes group sites such as Sportbet Casino. Their websites look awful, and they have a confusing bunch of different casinos that use different software, but they have probably the biggest selection of blackjack games. If you look in the section they call the "bonus casino" there are loads of different blackjack variants including single deck games with better payouts than normal. The drawback is they won't let you claim a bonus while playing those games.

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