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2 February 2019 - 2:07am

Issue with Wording in Intertops T&C

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First off, I should state that I have been a member of Intertops since the 1990s, almost from their beginning. I have always found them reliable and helpful in the past. However, I have now had a run-in with some vague T&C wording that might preclude me from playing there in the future.

Last month, I made a credit card deposit (among many!) into my sportsbook account. I won about $7k on a parlay, cashed out a little of it, and kept the rest to play with (in all components of Intertops- the sportsbook, poker room, the WGS casino, and the RTG casino.) In the past, transfers from the sportsbook to the RTG casino have always been treated as "deposits" for bonus purposes (as it is impossible to deposit directly from a payment method to the casino account itself without going through the primary sportsbook account.) So I took them up on some of the subsequent casino match bonuses that they send out on a weekly basis, and even met the high playthrough on a few, resulting in a balance of some $12k. However, upon attempting to cash out some of those funds, my withdrawal was rejected and almost my entire balance removed, citing:

"2.3 If customers withdraw money from their account and then return it, they will not be eligible for a re-deposit bonus."

I had always assumed that meant that you could not perform an actual withdrawal and then immediately redeposit from credit card for bonus (which is the normal stipulation on collecting the sportsbook deposit bonuses)... but apparently exactly the opposite is true and once you meet playthrough on one match bonus, you can never claim another until you withdraw or lose your entire balance and start over with a new credit card deposit. There was never a point when I did not have sufficient funds from sports winnings alone to cover each "deposit" and I have certainly claimed their bonuses in this way in the past without any problems. But this time, they removed $11,000 from my account.

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2 February 2019 - 9:26am

Hi there, as far as I understand the issue is that you didn't withdraw the whole sum of 7k you won initially but withdraw some and the rest transfer to casino and they want you(according their T&C) to withdraw those 7k in full then re-deposit instantly to be bonus eligible for he casino, right?

That doesn't sound logical to me at all from their side..especially if like you stated above generally all the casino deposits coming from the spoortsbook have been considered as a deposits so far.

I've had never been an Intertops customer so I can't be really sure but I'd of ask them to explain the matter in full, cause...


"2.3 If customers withdraw money from their account and then return it, they will not be eligible for a re-deposit bonus."

That's not clear and exhaustive enough for me and according your post you didn't do that, right?

And what's the time frame for a particular withdraw to be considered consequently as a "return"..24h..less...more..I just don't get it.

Probably I didn't been of any help to you man,may Ed here could of tell you more about it or even contact them.

When I think again they could even changed some of their bonus terms lately but that's just a guess, my advice is to contact support and ask them about further explanation, I would..

It's usually the small print which screw the players and that's why I rarely getting any at all.

Sorry for your loss man, hopefully that matter would be resolved in a satisfactory fashion for you.

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4 February 2019 - 12:48am

Hmm this is a tricky one. I'm familiar with their account system through my own play there. My reading of that rule is that they are trying to attract "new money" into the site with bonuses. They don't want to give "re-deposit bonuses" (notice the specific re-deposit categorisation) to people who have reversed a withdrawal before it could be processed.

This is yet another of those things that casino systems should be programmed to prevent, rather than leaving it until cashout time which results in a nasty surprise to a player who has inadvertently broken the rules.

If that is the specific rule they have cited then it depends on whether you submitted a withdrawal then reversed it and used the money to deposit in the casino and claim a bonus. I can't tell from your post whether you did that or not, but it sounds like you may not have if you "cashed out a little of it, and kept the rest to play with" as you said. If you only used the funds that you kept from your win and did not withdraw then I can't see how this rule could apply. Also if said bonuses claimed were not "re-deposit bonuses" then it should not apply either.


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