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23 June 2018 - 9:07pm

Uptown Aces does not game fairly

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If Uptown Aces Online Casino and it's affiliates are truly interested in fair gaming they would have a betting limit corresponding to any active promotion being
played. They have the ability to do this because they do it under certain contexts when they let people play a no deposit, free spins promotion (such a "new" game promotion).
I used a promotion at Uptown Aces and I hit a "jackpot" of $12,484.25. Up until that point I had (unknowingly) followed all their terms. About an hour later I broke the terms by betting over $10. While betting higher amounts I drove my balance down to $2000 - even if I hadn't broken the terms I would still have been benefiting the casino by betting large.

The casino continued to allow me to play for 3 more days (had long fulfilled the play through requirements). During this time I somehow got my balance back up to around $16000.

They took all of it but the original $240 I deposited. Not only am I upset about losing the money, I'm also upset about all the time I spent playing after the terms were broken (must have been 20 - 24 hours of play time).

I can understand that they are protecting themselves with the terms - preventing somebody from making a large deposit on a large bonus and betting big to win big quick and get out. That was obviously not the case with me. Yet the casino still used it to keep from paying me - I guess any shrewd, cold businessman would do the same.

If anybody is really bored I've attached some screen shots of my betting history at Uptown (they were kind enough to send to me) which prove all that I've claimed.

I actually liked the casino and support until this happened. Would have put a good amount of my winnings back into their casino.

I think I'm pretty much screwed, but if anybody has any suggestion I appreciate it!

Philip Meck


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25 June 2018 - 7:06am

Hi Philip, I got your private message and we'll chase it up with the casino. As I said there, I'm not confident as the last few times this has happened they have stuck to the "player broke the rules" line.

We have updated our review adding a warning paragraph about the problem that has now happened several times, and dropped their rating.

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