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1 May 2018 - 8:01pm

Lincoln Casino/Liberty Slots

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I know I only seem to post with negative reviews, but I wanted to issue a warning re: a recent experience, in case anyone is on the fence about these two casinos (as I was). I should start by saying I have played a lot at both and have been successfully paid, so I would like to think they are legitimate. Although one element that previously gave me pause was that I had some issues with Miami Club Casino, and it is the same person that responds for all three - and yet they seem to be cagey about the casinos being linked in any way when I directly asked the question. (There is no question the Lincoln and Liberty slots are affiliated, but I am quite certain that Miami Club is in that same group.)

Anyway, I recently redeemed a bonus offer at Lincoln Casino that provided a cash bonus and 20 free spins on King Tiger. I went directly to the King Tiger slots, and nothing happened. Ordinarily with free spins, I find that they are automatically queued up at the lowest bet amount, but the bet amount was at a default of $1. I spun once (at the $1 level) to see if that activated the free spins. The money was taken from my bonus balance, and I had a small win (2 pink flowers scattered for $2 and some other small combination - about $3 total). I then reduced the bet size to $0.25 to see if that activated the free spins. I spun once, and again it took the 0.25 from my bonus balance, and no free spins were activated. So the free spins were apparently not credited.

This isn't a huge thing financially - I rarely win much on free spins anyway - but technological glitches always make me nervous, so I wanted to let them know about it. After lots of technical difficulties getting someone on live chat, I finally reached a live person. When I reported my experience, she said my showed that the spins had already been credited and played, that I had won $3 from the free spins. I told her that was not the case and explained the situation again. She apparently did not believe me, but said she would have the tech team look and that someone in management would get back to me (then she prematurely terminated the chat conversation). I filled out the after-chat survey, as very frustrated that I was being disbelieved and didn't have a lot of confidence that she would truly follow up internally

Today I received a response to my survey - from the same individual that apparently responds on behalf of all three casinos. She said wrote: "After reviewing your account, I am seeing that the free spins on King Tiger were claimed and you won $2.71 with the spins. The information provided to you by the agent was indeed correct."

This tells me one of two things: either their technology does not enable them to look back and see whether the spins actually happened (shouldn't they be able to identify 20 spins taking place and the wins for each?), as there is no possibility it would have shown 20 spins, OR she did not bother to check and instead defaulted to the assumption that their version was correct and I was reporting something that was not true. Either possibility is dissatisfying and doesn't to me seem in keeping with the process of a reliable and responsible casino. I explained the $2.71 (win from my experimental spin on the $1 bet to see if it activated anything) and encouraged them to look into the tech situation, but even if they do now - and I have no reason to believe they will - it seems an uphill battle even to get them to do the due diligence. And this is coming from someone who has spent a ton of time and money there (makes me cringe to think how much), so I'd hate to think what it would be like with a newcomer.

Again, I really don't much care about the free spins themselves. If I were to win even $10 on those, I'd be surprised. But from my perspective, this is a double whammy where (1) there was what I can only assume to be a technology glitch of some kind, and (2) when I reported it to them, I was disbelieved, and they did not actually check the facts. While relieved that it happened with respect to something so small, it would be horrible to have that experience in connection with a big win.

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7 June 2018 - 1:27pm

This is a very strange "casino". They asked for a photo and I kept my document ... they evaluated that I did not look like myself .. go understand ... the strangest thing I found was that they did not even ask for a second proof ... they closed the account and that's it. So I left their site and can recommend to all who read this thread to avoid Lincoln casino as there many better choices