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12 February 2018 - 11:21am

Tipbet Casino - Be Careful...!!!!!!

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Ok, so Tipbet Casino has great live chat support i must say...but their mobile platform is not good as there are limited games on offer and not all of them open successfully.

BUT the worst thing I experienced here is the following...!!!!!
They offered me another bonus to try the casino, so i claimed it and it went through successfully. I managed to wager the bonus. (horrific amount)
I sent documents and i was happy to make a deposit to withdraw my winnings. They looked at the amount and told me that I should not have had the bonus and they will be removing all winnings! Plus whilst I was playing (after i had wagered the bonus) every netent slot i went into to play, i would have 10 free spins on them which means they wanted me to play them and have more wagering to complete.

I didnt bother and just closed the chat, I had a feeling they were no good!!!!
stay away!!!!

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12 February 2018 - 12:39pm

I hate it when casinos offer no deposit bonuses and worse when they send you a code for one or place it in your lobby to claim when you dont actually qualify for the bonus, happened to me Apollo slots where they also confiscated my winnings , I had even deposited there but took up two no deposits in row so they took my winnings the buggers , best thing is to just avoid these casinos

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12 February 2018 - 2:09pm

Ugh, that always sucks when the casino pulls some junk like that. Sorry to hear they nabbed you on that.

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13 February 2018 - 12:21am

oh yeah that sucks
i encountered this problem a few times as well.
many casinos dont proof if you actually qualify for the bonus offer.sometimes it looks like they just send the same offer to every account holder if you qualify or not...i hate that

one time something real strange was going on.
not exactly the same as getting a offer you don't qualify for
but it goes in that direction.

i received an email from dream jackpot casino with a special 200% deposit bonus offer.I went to the website, login to my bonus offer,
i used the live chat and asked the support about the bonus offer they send me.
he wanted me to send him a screenshot of the email.he checkt the screenshot and told me that it is a fake.
i told him that it make no sense...why should someone send me a fake offer from dream jackpot one could make any money from that or benefit from,besides dream jackpot
then he assumed that I had faked it to get a 200% bonus.
isn't that outrageous...?
for me it looked like they send me a wrong offer to lure me back to the

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13 February 2018 - 11:54am

I also register in tipbet a few months ago,I not make a deposit because after I check their game is very little and incomplete. It's funny thing is they sent me a free promotion 5€ several times. I never used it and let it expired and they sent me with same promotions. today I check my spam, I found email from them for free bet 5€. hahaha.
I not believe how Casino will pay someone who signed up and did not make a deposit.

I think only bwin are giving away the best free chips. they do not have max cash out and pay unconditionally and accusations that harm players. However it works for members who have had a 1 x lifetime deposit, and usually they will ask for a 20$ deposit to withdraw your winning funds if there is no 6 month deposit history since the free chip win.