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8 February 2016 - 7:23pm

Best Laptop for Gaming?

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For my personal use, I always by refurbished "office-style" Dell computers, which I really like for every day use, because as my computer guy says, I am pretty rough on my computers. lol I bought another cheap computer at Best Buy and it lasted fewer than two years before the cheap plastic hinges broke and replacement cost is as much as a new computer, even with used parts and a computer person who charges about 1/4 of what usual computer people charge. In addition, there is something else going on with the computer that I didn't even have him check into, since I won't have the other part repaired. Right now, since I had two computers, I am just going to have him put my items from the cheap one back onto the Dell we still have.

I truly like my Dell computers, but the problem is that videos, and especially online casinos, make it run very hot - sometimes to the point of shutting itself down. Sometimes i Have to put an ice pack under a towel and place it under the computer while i play.

I do spray out the fans, but sometimes I think those things just blow the dust and furballs (lol) around inside there, not really being effective.

Anyway, do my CL-Friends have any good suggestions for a "gaming" computer that doesn't cost almost $2,000 like my middle son's computer did? lol (He recently sold his, because he is no longer into gaming like he was a few years ago and traded it in for a tablet, which is all he really needs now).

I am not ready to purchase anything now, but ideas for the future would be most welcome!

Thank you!



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9 February 2016 - 9:11pm

Recently I've had a really bad streak in sports betting and maybe because of that during that period the screen of my laptop was broken too Wink Without much pressure from my side really Angel , but anyway the price of repair cost me more than I've originally bought laptop for, so it was a really bad start of the year Thumb Down

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10 February 2016 - 12:38am

Does it have to be a laptop? Do you move it around much? The reason I ask is that you're always going to have a trade-off with a laptop between size and portability vs performance and heat. They have to cram a lot of stuff into a tiny area so the heat generated is harder to disperse than a bigger desktop computer.

The other thing to look into, seeing as you mentioned online videos, is the flash plugin. Flash is notorious for working your CPU very hard, which causes it to heat up. Many video sites now serve their videos using HTML5 instead of flash, which can allow your computer to use hardware decoding (i.e. your video chip in the computer plays the video rather than your CPU doing it). Check here for example to see if Youtube supports it for your computer:

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