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6 July 2015 - 9:27am

cash o lot casino

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Please read this.

Requesting support.
Me : withdrawall
Customer Care has entered the chat.
Me : Hy,Ireceived my money after aprox.10min.so quick?
Customer Care : Yes
Me : SHAME ON YOU!!!!It is mot first time,that if player win on no deposit bonus,your answer is:the bonus has expired,but it did not..I has asked the support,and it was ok,when I deposit and try to withdrawall it,I was able to withdrawall just the amount of my deposit.But the bonus was walid until 2018...Do you need my 27e?I will inform casinomeister,and other's about this.
Customer Care : Please read the terms
Customer Care : All no deposit bonuses expire within 48 hours
Customer Care : Added to this, you have a long history of only playing free chips at Rival casinos
Me : So what?
Customer Care : So, you are not a customer
Customer Care : you are simply someone trying to make money from free chips.'
Customer Care : As a result, we have closed your accounts and have reported you to Rival
Me : OK,because I not needed animore.
Me : Feel free to spend my 27e,someday wil casinos like cash o lot be punishet by law.
Customer Care : you do understand it is not real money?
Customer Care : you have not lost anything
Me : But then it needed to flay for fun,not for real money.
Me : and I need to deposit...If it not real?
Customer Care : If the promotion had not expired, you would have been paid. You're a seasoned bonus hunter, so you should know to read all the terms
Customer Care : Have a good day
Me : You too
Customer Care : thank you

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6 July 2015 - 11:31pm

I don't quite understand the first part where you go from saying that you received your withdrawal within 10 minutes to complaining about not getting your money. That doesn't make any sense at all.

Anyway, moving on. Rival casinos are well known to be aggressive against anyone who they perceive to be a so-called "bonus abuser". At one stage a few years ago they would ban anyone who won on a bonus from receiving any further bonuses. They also share a database of players so if you get bonus-banned at one, you're going to be on the list at all the others.

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7 July 2015 - 12:21pm

I didn't understand your statement: Hy,Ireceived my money after aprox.10min.so quick?
Did you received any money? In any event, using no deposit bonuses doesn't get you much money if you win.

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