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11 July 2014 - 3:05am

Getting threatening emails from collection agency

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So i had a cousin come here from another state he went to jail and as i live alone it is hard to prove he came to my house... ok story i let him come to vegas stay at my house i live here so do not find it as exciting .. so i fall asleep and my cousin gambles on bovada.lv, so i see charges on my credit card statement and charge back these charges.which by the way were not from bovada they were from a third party collector. so i thought everything was done as wells fargo investigated and ruled in my favor and credited me back. Even though my cousin is an asshole for doing this i do not want to see him in jail because my aunt was basically the one who raised me and i owe it to her not to put her through stress. so back to the topic ok 2 or 3 days ago i got an email saying that if i do not pay so called charges my information was going to be given to the authorities and reported to the three major credit bureaus if i do not reach an arrangement with them to pay back the amount of $1,098.67 , so my question here is can they do that as gambling in the us is illegal and even though i cashed a check from them for 23 dollars they say they have email of me asking about how to cash out and if there bank was from singapore, i did not but i did cash the check because i had spoken with my cousin and he said he would pay me back that he was sorry so he said it was a check from bovada and that more would be coming as soon as he won ... funny thing is they have my social my cousin sent my id to them an i guess that how they got them or sent my social security card to them . so they do have information but as they are an offshore betting site i do not feel they can legally do anything or am i wrong? I have asked this company , oh the collection company is called credit-professionals. so i wanted to know if any of you have charged back bovada money and got in trouble with the law by them going to sue you ? i need help if this does not get resolved and turns out to be true i will have to pay that money Sad help please ... please feel free to ask question as i know i didnt go over everything .

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11 July 2014 - 3:30am

they only have the last 4 of my social i ment to say and my cousin is out of jail and i do not want to send him back .this is frustrating . and i am scared i will have to pay this back with my money as my cousin hasnt won since or if he did hasnt sent me money btw he used my email to recieve these emails and send them and deleted them thus i never saw them i know i am dumb for not letting him deal with this but i feel family comes first thats how i was taught .

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11 July 2014 - 5:34am

Something doesn't sound right about this whole story. you live in vegas yet your cousin went online and did he win or didn't he?

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11 July 2014 - 8:05am

I really think that the best thing you can do is call a lawyer and ask them. At the very least they may be able to get the repo men off your back.

It sounds like you are in a very grey area where the charges were made to your card from a computer in your house by a member of your family. Seeing as you did not authorise the charges I think that you are within your rights to charge back - same as if one of my kids went and bought something with my card without me knowing. The thing is when you submit a chargeback to your bank or card issuer you have to give them a reason. By the sounds of your post, I don't think you told them who made the charges. What did you tell them?

And I don't mean to offend you, but your cousin is a deadbeat a-hole. He deliberately used your email account, computer and credit card to rob you and cover his tracks. Do you think he would have told you and given you some money if he had won? Of course not. And by the sounds of things he's not going to pay you back either, even if he does have a win. At what point do you stop covering for someone who stole from you, family or not?

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