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27 February 2014 - 2:05pm

BEWARE MIAMI CLUB CASINO tournament rip off

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TORNAMENT players BEWARE of MIAMI CASINO ., I have been playing tourneys at this casino for over a year ( NEVER won ) I started playing a tourney ( CUPIDS ARROW ) on FEB 1st I have deposited over $300 to play this tourney all month . thru the course of playing i could never get over $ 600 in credits 1st place started out at $22.000. I continued to play and deposit Today JAN 27th 2014 i deposited another $30.00 into the tourney 1 day & 14 hrs left til the end . It finally started to hit some went up to $600 and then went all the way back down . When i went to deposit another $2.50 it would not let me . I thought the window was stuck so i called customer service . Only to find out that there was a 100 deposit cap (WHAT !!! are you kidding me ) I never saw the cap in the details & never played any of there other tournaments that I was ever aware of a cap . Where did this come from !! It is my opinion that they stick these new rules & regulations in , so they can take advantage of players who usually play & dont expect a cap . I certainly am not stupid enough to lose all that money had i been aware of the cap . It is a great ploy for this casino to use to confiscate your money so BEWARE . these little surprises is how they get you . I find it quite difficult to win any thing on these games , but got addicted to playing the old school games , and of course because I am a gambler i always believed the next win was there . I have LOST a lot of money at this casino !! IT is not worth your trouble to play . they use these little polys to steal not to mention how high the play thru $ amount is . Yes I am angry , I have played thru all kinds of technical issues at this casino & feel very much RIPPED OFF !! and are you ready for this I still have a balance there & i will have to play it off or let them have it .. BUT BOTTOM LINE is I will remove them from my computer & will not let them take advantage of me again ... SO BEWARE their tactics & technical issues are not worth your time or money !! If they have any integrity at all they would return the money I invested in that tournament as i have been a loyal player for over a year but instead I feel it was a rip off ploy & the ans they gave me was i should have read the rules yea !! I should have , but was so use to playing these tourneys with no caps it never occurred to me that they would cap a $2000.00 win. I have played many many times with a higher deposit amount than $250.00 for less $ win -- GREAT PLOY -- Hope they shove the money & I hope you all stay away !!

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27 February 2014 - 5:18pm

Thanks for the warning. I don't deposit here or at Liberty Slots and I only play the free tournaments. The play through is way too high for me. I am sorry this happened to you.


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28 February 2014 - 6:30am

I have a lot of experience playing in the WGS casino tournaments, back when they used to be called Vegas Technology (and Odds On before that). I think they are the best tournament format online, although some of the operators can ruin it by being greedy and almost forcing people to rebuy by setting the starting chip stack to a tiny amount.

Anyway they always used to list the maximum number of times you could re-buy in the tournament details. I just checked on my Miami Club install and they still do as you can see in my screenshot below (I highlighted it in pink towards the lower right corner, click to enlarge). Some of the tournaments on there now have a limit, and some do not. I think they generally don't cap the rebuys in pot-based tournaments where the players are directly to the total prize pool.

I do understand that you are angry because you lost and I sympathise with you. However I think it is a bit rough to be accusing the casino of cheating or ripping you off in this case because the information is there and you just missed it.


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