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16 December 2013 - 12:57am

Tradition Casino - Are they blind or they just dont care?

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Hi everyone,

Today, on my mail box found a free chip from Tradition casino (rival software), Well, this casino is well known as a rough casino however i was curious and decided to visit their site.
A quick look in the Instant Play lobby was enough to make everyone think twice before go for a deposit.
They have an error on a slot's name; Winter Wonders slots is presented as Dog Pound slot.
Makes me wonder if they are so god damn blind or if they just don't care or don't want to have the trouble to fix this issue.

Here is the screenshot:
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16 December 2013 - 3:10am

Yes I think your description of "rough" is spot on. From memory the owners more or less went bankrupt a few years ago and the casino reverted to ownership by Rival itself. This happened to many Rival casinos. It looks like they are now run by another group of people but are still running as a white label. I would not go near them myself, even for a free chip!

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16 December 2013 - 6:16am

That's the trouble with those casinos. Even if someone DOES manage to make play-through will they ever see their winnings? I just feel there are so many choices for reputable places, even with the limited number for U.S. compared to all others, it is not worth it for me to take that chance.

And as far as 'Paulo's question, I would think they are saying they "just don't care," because that error is quite obvious.


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