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28 August 2013 - 2:57am

Overlooking Casinos

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I have been coming to CL for the past couple of years, and have signed up for a lot of casinos to take advantage of free chips.

During the course of my time doing this, I have lost track of all the spots I have signed up for. Recently I have found a bunch of casinos that I had skipped over! I think a lot of it is because the casinos are similar to each other in terms of games offered, themes, etc.

My point being is that I need to do a better job of keeping track of the casinos I sign up for. Have you thought you signed up for a casino, but later found out that is not the case?

How do you keep track of where you are playing?

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28 August 2013 - 3:11am

Usually it is the opposite with me. lol! I think I haven't taken advantage of the offer yet, and they tell me I already signed up! Sad Chalk it up to a very bad memory, but you do have a point where they do all blend into one another.

I don't really keep track, but relying on memory should not be an option for me, so I SHOULD keep track.

Hope you get lucky at one of the "new to you" casinos, 'Slim!


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28 August 2013 - 4:01am

I used to have a spreadsheet with casinos, login names, bonuses I had claimed etc. Eventually I stopped bothering and now I just rely on my gmail to store every welcome email I get from a new casino. That is usually enough for me.

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28 August 2013 - 5:03am

i have never done them before. i had that card that came in the mail from the group that owned cool cat but there a joke anyway.