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10 August 2013 - 11:19pm

Big Time Bingo Cashout

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I know this is a casino site but Im hoping you guys could give me some feedback on the Bingo site "BIG TIME BINGO". I have a cheque coming by fedex. I was just wondering if anyone from the United States, preferribly California, has ever had any problems cashing their cheques?

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12 August 2013 - 5:05am

First up I'm not a bingo player, and secondly I don't want to scare you too much but... I did a bit of reading on your behalf and I think its fair to say that once you get that cheque I would find a new bingo site!

The site is owned by the same person or people that own another site called Bingo Vega. A year or two ago Bingo Vega was caught out by an ex-employee who revealed that they ran fake accounts belonging to the house that compete against real players for prizes. Every prize that a fake account or "prop" as they called them wins is one less prize they have to pay out to real players.

There is loads of info about Bingo Vega here:

Interestingly the "rules & etiquette" page at BigTimeBingo mistakenly refers to Bingo Vega, indicating that its a cut and paste job.

And the piece-de-resistance is that I believe they are the same people responsible for Casino Vega, and old casino that we have had blacklisted here for a number of years.

Whether they are still running this scam is unclear. Even if they aren't I'd be very wary of trusting a site with such a history.

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