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9 April 2012 - 3:52pm

Social Gaming: Do You Like It

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There has been a new wave of online casinos introducing online games that feature a social aspect. By this I mean that the games allow multiple players to play at one table and interact with each other. Do any of you play games like this? Do you like playing them?

I myself have been playing live dealer games recently that allow you to interact with other players. While I don't mind playing with them, I don't like the interactions I have with a lot of them. I find some of the things they say to the female dealers to be rude and disgusting a lot of the times. Then there are the others that flirt with the dealers... CREEPY!

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10 April 2012 - 12:47am

Great topic for conversation, B'Slim! Smile

I voted "yes," and I have to qualify with my answer by saying I enjoy the social aspect of online gaming MOST of the time. In fact, my very first experience with online gambling was Texas Hold'em at the site Pure Play. This site was one of the first experiences I had with talking to people from all parts of, not only my country, but all over the world, and I really enjoyed interacting with people from all walks of life and sharing a common interest. I have "met" a lot of great, and interesting, people in card rooms through the years. Did I also encounter those who were rude and annoying and those who made inappropriate comments to me once they figured out I was female? Yes, but those experiences were in the minority.

I do believe in the case of people flirting with the dealers, saying rude and disgusting things, that a line should definitely be drawn and made clear BEFORE the games begin. In your case, not only does it., most likely, offend the dealers, but those PIGS' actions are clearly bothering other players. 'Slim, are there no rules or guidelines or even places to report such behavior? It is so easy for ignorant people to hide behind that screen name.

There are always the "bad apples" in the group, and I have actually reported people who stepped over the line (in my opinion, anyway). The extent that some of these people took a little FREE game of online poker was ridiculous, but they can hide behind their screen name and computer, acting as rude as they wanted to be.

My biggest pet peeve are the "poker experts" that laughed at or put down the moves people made. I am like, "If you are such an expert, do you want to do my (and others) bidding for me (them)?" lol And if you are such an expert, what are you doing in the penny and free rooms, big shot? lol!

The other problem I have had, if I am in a chatty mood, lol, I can get somewhat distracted from the actual game and sometimes (NOT often) make some mistakes I would not have otherwise made.

Overall, I enjoyed chatting on that site, and some of the other popular poker sites, too. I am playing a game of Hold'em on Bovada right now, and there is just a tiny bit of chatting going on. It is nice when people comment on a nice hand or say something good-natured to encourage one another.

In the pay rooms, I have observed some people actually getting angry if people chat, which is ridiculous. And I am talking about people just saying NH (Nice Hand) or VNH (Very Nice Hand) to one another, which is ridiculous. If someone is not interested in chatting, if the person believes it to be a distraction, there is always the option of turning off the chat feature.


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10 April 2012 - 2:49pm

I agree Hope, that is one of my biggest peeves as well. I HATE when people try to poke holes in your play or critique you. I think half the time they are trying to just play you as a fool so you do something foolish.

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10 April 2012 - 11:16pm

I would not like this especially when at a blackjack table watching people make horrible moves that should not me made.

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