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26 March 2012 - 4:10pm

Double Payment?

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I had an interesting thing happen this weekend, as I tried to put a deposit down and there was some sort of internet connection blip on my computer.

When I got everything back together I noticed that my deposit had gone through twice! I spoke to customer service who assured me that they would get it taken off my card, but I am always cautious and pessimistic until I see it happen.

Has anyone had this happen to them before? Did it resolve easily?

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26 March 2012 - 4:48pm

I did not have this happen with the casino, but it happened with Neflix! They billed me from some date in Feb to March 20th then another date in Feb to March 22nd so they billed me twice. I found out by accident, so it pays to double check everything!

I know when I am purchasing items a message pops up saying to only click ONCE on the button or your account can be charged twice, but I never thought about a computer error like that. Glad you caught that!

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26 March 2012 - 7:04pm

I think we have to check everything twice. I paid a medical bill online with my credit card. The bill was paid at the biller's website. A few weeks later I got a notice from a collection agency. They sent me to collection when the account had already been paid!