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19 June 2011 - 5:35pm

My First Experience With A Free Chip Bonus.

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I am not a high roller when it comes to much in life. I make a modest amount of money and try to only spend within my means. This makes gambling a treat for me, something that I cannot afford to do every day (although I have done a lot more of it recently). So when I first started getting into online gambling I was absolutely awestruck by the great deals I saw on website banners.

Wow! I can get a free chip when I sign up for an account with this casino?!? Count me in! I was so sure that this was a great deal and so eager to start playing and use my increased funds that I didn't pay attention to the terms and conditions of the offers. Consider my ass posthumously bitten.

When I took this bonus at the online casino I failed to look at what I actually had to do in order to redeem this great bonus. I hadn't noticed the wagering requirement for this bonus, which for honesty's sake I don't recall the exact amount but believe it was in the area of 40x the bonus amount. When I first started playing the games I thought I was in great shape, and really going to make bank with this offer. I then went to the cashier's screen and noticed that I wasn't getting very far in terms of the having money in the cash portion of my account. It was only then I saw the play through requirement was going to be almost $3,000. Then and only then I started doing my homework and figured out that only certain games were eligible for this bonus!

Starting to feel worried about this bonus, I decided I was going to find a slot game that I could live with and try to meet the requirement. I was gambling at an RTG casino called High Noon and thankfully found a game I semi-liked. The game was Aladdin's wishes and I sat down, figured out the auto play feature and got myself a Rockstar energy drink and prepared for a long night of spinning the reels.

I was doing pretty well, starting with a few hundred dollars and losing slightly for a while until I got these magic lamps that gave me several free spins with a bonus multiplier. I then would catch myself winning several hundred dollars and bleeding it slowly back to the casino until I hit more lamps. It was a methodical journey and I noticed the play through amount was getting slightly lower each time I checked.

I could live with this I thought. That was until I lost track of what I was doing and did something desperate.

It had been a while since I had checked the auto play feature and took a quick peek at it only to see that my bank total had dropped quite substantially. I had about $800 left in my account and still had $1,100 to wager on this play through. Realistically I should have been O.K. if I stayed the course and would have maybe walked away with some money, but I wasn't thinking rationally at this moment. Earlier I had noticed that I could go from playing Aladdin's Wishes to Blackjack and add funds to my account even if they hadn't counted towards the play through. I decided I was going to go play a couple of $100 hands of Blackjack and catch my total up to make sure I won something from the casino. Needless to say, the numbers were not on my side that night and I proceeded to drop from $800 down to $100 as quickly as it would take me to take a shot of whiskey.

Needless to say Aladdin's Wishes finished me off, and I walked away with nothing. If I had done a better job of paying attention to the terms and not tried to bump up my total with cards I honestly feel like I would have walked away with something. Even with the crappy outcome I am extremely happy with the experience I had, and my words of advice for any bonus gamblers are to read those terms and be mindful of what you are doing. Oh, and High Noon is a great spot to gamble. I love the layout and the games are better than a lot of other ones out there.

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19 June 2011 - 11:36pm

Oh no! You can take some small comfort in knowing that there was almost certainly a limit on the amount you could have withdrawn. So even though you had $800 you probably only lost out on $100 or so.

Also be careful - a lot of casinos will void your whole bonus and winnings if you try playing blackjack on a slots bonus.

These days if I get a free chip (not often!) I just bet huge right from the start. I either get a nice win and then have some more to play with or its over in under 5 minutes. Too many times I have played it like you did only to find I go bust with only a few hundred left to wager.