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15 June 2011 - 12:44am

Making You Feel Like A Winner When You Are Really A Loser

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I was recently playing video poker at an online casino for fun when I had something funny happen to me. It really is a common thing in the world of gambling and for some reason this time I noticed it and how often it messes with my emotions and common sense when it comes to wagering. I am talking about the multi-hand win at a game that gives you less money than what you wagered, thus making you a "net loser".

I have played various types of video gambling games for years and never really gave this deep thought until I wagered with play money. It was funny watching myself start with $5,000 and bet $50 per hand and see that go with 5 different hands of poker up on the screen. When I would get something cheap like a low pair, it would obviously move up the ladder and hopefully give you something better as you progressed making you a winner. Often times I would win on just the pair and the sounds started going and the "Winner!" screen would pop up. Yet when reality sank in I realized I had only won something like $125 on my $250 wager. Now that I think about it, one time I played a 50 hand video poker! Think of how bad your "net loser" wins would get you on that one!

There are other games I have played like this in a casino, but the other chief suspect I can come up with at the moment is slot machines. How frustrating is it to see yourself make the nickel slot bet and see it really come up with a pretty large sum for an overall bet (after all, there are 25 lines on that slot!) and be told "You are a winner! You get one quarter of your total wager back!"? It really is frustrating to me, and while it isn't something that ruins a game it is something I am aware of and makes me not really fond of playing that game. I guess my philosophy on games is that if I win, I want to get paid a straight wage. Perhaps that is why I like black jack so much.

Reading those last two paragraphs I think I sound like a whiner. Don't get me wrong, those games definitely have value to those who play them and there is obviously a market for them because they bring in a LOT of money for casinos. I just think it is funny to see yourself become a loser even when you are a winner. As my wife pointed out to me, it is better to get something back than just lose all of your money all together. I can't believe I am saying this, but she is right, and I am sure that this extends the length of play for the people who play and sometimes those people hit the these fractional winners can't be all that bad.

How about you out there in casinolistings land? What do you feel about being a "net loser"? What kind of great stories do you have about your experiences with partial wins? Post them below!