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6 June 2011 - 3:06am

Neat Things That Could Be Made For Gamblers

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Ok, with all the venom I distributed toward slot machines a few weeks ago I will admit that I am ready to eat some crow. Ed introduced me to a slot machine from Net Entertainment called Jackhammer which I think is pretty freaking great. It has this stagger thing going when you win and the spots that didn't have a winner to it keep spinning until there are no additional winners that pop up on screen. Potentially this means that the entire screen could be filled with one symbol and win you a huge jackpot. With all my bagging on slot machines for being unoriginal, I was proven that there are indeed cool things happening out there with our grand hobby that are making things better from an entertainment aspect. This all got me to thinking about cool things I would like to see, and hence this blog post.

So below you will see things I think would be cool to see. I did not necessarily do any real research on these, so if something is actually out there please let me know as I really would like to experience it! So, without further adieu, I present my Neat Things That Could Be Made For Gamblers List:

Hologram Integrated Games- How neat would it be if the games you played actually popped out at you. I am not talking about the crap with 3D TVs and such, but really popped out at you in terms of holograms. Think of the movie Minority Report where Tom Cruise was able to solve crimes using a holographic computer but with cherries or bar signs whirling in front of your face. Or how about playing video poker where you can reach out and touch the card you don't want and flick it away to get a new one. I think that would be pretty wicked,

A Blackjack strategy chart built into the game- The casinos I go to usually sell a strategy card inside of the store and allow you to use them at the table so they really can't be against them because they still maintain house advantage....and people are bound to screw up and not play the card 100 percent correctly; so why not have one integrated into the online version of this game? It would be sweet to be able to click an icon inside of the game to see what I should do and save me the time of clicking in between windows. It really is just irritating and would be a neat touch. Not that I ever expect to see a casino do this, but still...

Real life comps- One of the things that makes Casino Listings so great is the fact that you earn CL chips for being active in the community here. How neat would it be to see those comp points you accrue be used for something like purchases in a real store like Amazon or iTunes? Not that it isn't out there right now, but it would take a LOT of play to get there; perhaps what I am calling for is a revamped system that makes comp rewards easier to obtain. I think it would be great to see this and would keep my loyalty at one casino over the others.

Better licensed games- You guys overseas get way cooler games than we do here in the States. Seeing licensed games draws people in to play them, and could you imagine how cool it would be to see the guys from the Hangover glugging up while you rack up your winnings (as long as it is not the Asian guy with a small wang sticking out at you in hologram form)? The fact is we don't get anything cool like comic book slots, movie slots or anything like that.

These are just a few things I have thought of off the cuff. I am going to be updating this thread as I come up with other ideas and request you come up with neat things to add too. What do you wanna see?

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6 June 2011 - 6:51am

I was wondering where you were going with that hologram idea but then you got me. Never mind video poker - imagine projecting a card or roulette table in front of you where you could manipulate the cards or chips or whatever with your fingers. That would be really cool.

Blackjack strategy cards are built into a few online blackjack games. From memory Microgaming has it, so does Cryptologic and a few more do too. In fact it helps if you want to use autoplay. Also they usually allow you to edit the strategy used by clicking on the little grid squares if you want to.

Comps - I agree although I doubt you will see it happen often. In my opinion casinos are far too reliant on bonuses and are not very creative in their offers. I would love to see a casino that tried not offering bonuses but doubled or tripled the comp point rates instead. At least then they wouldn't have to dedicate staff to combatting and complaining about "bonus abuse". The reality is that you won't see many offering real prizes because of several reasons, the main one being that if they offer players cash there is a good chance the player will play it straight back to the house which ends up costing them nothing!

Licensed games are sweet but on the flip side, I'm always a bit wary of them because someone has to pay for those licensing fees somewhere along the line...

I would like to see more social interaction at online casinos. That is one of the things that is half the fun of going to a real casino but hardly any online casinos have even made a decent attempt at it. Places like 3Dice and JackpotJoy do a good job with their live chat room which is integrated into the casino. Microgaming tried their multiplayer slot machine as well. But more could be done. I'm thinking "dealers" at each table chatting to the players if they want, along with player to player chat etc.

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