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30 April 2011 - 1:25am

How I Controlled My Emotions And Went From $5 Up To $135

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As I have tiptoed into my online gambling career (I consider myself a professional gambling athlete because I get paid once in a while) I have had a few interesting situations. I have done very well on a bonus, only to watch it go away very quickly due to me playing one hundred dollar hands of War. I have made a meager deposit and seen it sucked up like a Dyson Vacuum went over it; one hand and broke. However nothing prepared me for the situation I recently encountered and I want to share it with you because I learned a good lesson that I think can help you when it comes not just to gambling, but everyday life.

I had deposited $30 into an online casino. It wasn't a big deposit, but I figured it would keep me entertained for a few minutes and hopefully yield a nice balance that I could keep in my account to play with on another day. I made my way to the blackjack game and laid down my first deposit, a five dollar hand that gave me a win against the dealer.

The next several hands were not nearly as kind to me. I immediately starting losing, and not losing on hands that would I normally would be fine with. We are talking me drawing an 11 and doubling down only to get a 4, while the dealer's 2 becomes an 11 and he gets 21, that kind of day.

$35 became $30. $30 became $25 and so on, until I got down to my last $5; literally my last playable hand. At this point I personally was concerned. I had played through my small deposit very quickly, maybe a matter of four minutes and while it wasn't nearly as bad as losing $100 in a hand, I could sense my frustration level coming to a head.

It was then that I made a decision that changed my night. I decided to walk away from the computer and not let my emotions get the best of me.

Anybody who knows me knows that I am a person who keeps an even keel on the surface and rarely shows any frustration to anybody. At the same time they know when things aren't necessarily going exactly the way I want them to that I reach; I take risks. And when it comes to me growing up and becoming a better person I have had to learn to control my risk button. This time the computer was getting the best of me, and in the past I would have played this hand until I was broke, or deposited more money in the desperate attempt to regain what I had lost.

Not this time. This time I controlled my emotions and controlled the situation.

When I came back and got back into the game later on, I breathed heavily one time and set into blackjack again. This time the results came back into my favor.

$5 became $10. $10 eventually became $20. Over time that money started to add up, and I decided I could start wagering more once in a while. $50 became $75, which hovered there for a while, but as I maintained my composure I noticed I was not only doing well, I was also having a hell of a time!

I eventually got my total up to $135 on a last hand blackjack. I was extraordinarily happy with my play that day and decided I was going to put up with the big fee and wait time to have that day's winnings Fed Ex'd to me as a paper check. There was no better feeling than knowing I did a good job controlling myself and when the Fed Ex truck pulled up in my road and I saw the fruits of my labor I was VERY happy.

As I stated before, I think this story can teach us all something when it comes to everyday life and not just online gambling. I know many people outside of me who have acted on impulse in the past and seen it come back to bite them in the rear.

So the next time you see that big bankroll being drained like a bathtub, make sure to take a deep breath and perhaps do something else to take your mind off the game. You can always come back later, and perhaps things will go your way. (If things do indeed go your way you can make sure to thank me by buying me a Ferrari or Mercedes)

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1 May 2011 - 11:34pm

That is some sound advice. If you feel like you're on tilt and thinking "I'm going to show this casino" or "I've got to win back what I lost" its time to take a break and relax a little. Stop playing, then come back later with a clear head.

$5 hands on only a $30 deposit are pretty huge though, you're inevitably going to bust often if you're betting that proportion of your deposit on each hand.

If you want to make your bankroll last longer you could try five $1 hands at the same time. Not only will it smooth out the swings a bit, but each bet will last longer as you will have to play 5 hands for every $5 bet.


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