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27 June 2012 - 4:12pm

Please do not visit Planet casino sofia Bulgaria , by the Radison hotel , across Sofia university

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Planet casino by the radison hotel in
sofia bulgaria,across sofia university , is another place i would strongly

suggest to avoid at all costs
, the dealers on the roulette ,which
are hard faced men , do not wait when

spin the roulette ,even after clearly askings . i have been in many casinos ,they have plenty empty roulette tables there all empty . people there uee only bj and poker . i cant say they cheat on the roullete because i have no proof , but very strange results were over there , And there is no shoo games for BJ ,its all machines .
may this post save one visitor from going there and spend money . i would recommend Rila casino for sofia visitors.thank you

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29 June 2012 - 1:40pm

Ed - Rila casino is no better haha so this recommendation to be taken with a inch of salt. 👎 ...... If you are a foreigner just visiting BG then I would go to the Viva at the Sheraton. Its no worse than any of the others re: honesty and at least it is in a 5 star hotel so the coffee and snacks are 6/10. If you are Bulgarian then you already know the 'governance' regarding any form of gambling in BG is shakey to say the least so don't expect to win.

Once again I repeat that gaming in East Europe is not for the faint hearted.....