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19 May 2023 - 12:28am

Yggdrasil Fishing Fury €40K Tournament

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Get your gear ready for the ultimate fishing experience on the open seas.

Players will have the chance to participate in the Yggdrasil Fishing Fury Tournament, where the lucky angler who gets to the top of the leaderboard will have their net full to the brim with a grand prize of €5,000! With a total prize pool of €40,000, players are going to want to dive right into the action! The newly-released Nice Catch as well as our fan-favourite Golden Fish Tank 2 is the inspiration for this tournament, fishing lovers and the rest of us alike will have the time of their lives catching all kinds of prizes!

WHEN: The Yggdrasil Fishing Fury Tournament runs from 19 May 2023 10:00 CEST - 28 May 2023 23:59 CEST.

PRIZE POOL: The €40,000 tournament prize pool will be shared amount the top 280 players on the leaderboard:
  • Position 1: €5,000
  • Positions 2-3: €2,000 each
  • Positions 4-5: €1,000 each
  • Positions 6-10: €500 each
  • Positions 11-30: €250 each
  • Positions 31-80: €150 each
  • Positions 81-160: €100 each
  • Positions 161-280: €50 each

HOW: To find a participating Yggdrasil casino, check out our reviews of highly rated casinos featuring Yggdrasil games. Once registered, players can simply place a real money bet on any on these Yggdrasil games - Nice Catch DoubleMax™, Golden FishTank 2 GigaBlox™, Valley of the Gods, Raptor DoubleMax™, Book of Books - and they're automatically be entered into the tournament. There is no minimum bet size required to participate.

A player's score is determined by the sum of their highest in-game scores in the participating game. An in-game score is determined by the highest win to bet ratio multiplied by 20 from a single spin.

So get ready to bait your hooks and cast your reels to catch the big fish in Yggdrasil's €40,000 Fishing Fury Tournament.