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4 December 2019 - 12:54am

LeoVegas Christmas Crackers - no silly hats or bad jokes - just €250K worth of cash and spins!

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Christmas Crackers - they're filled with paper hats that make everyone look ridiculous, useless 'gifts' that end up in landfill and the jokes, my god the jokes! Please share your personal favourites in the comments, here's a few to get us started.

Who hides in a bakery at Christmas? A mince spy
Did Rudolph go to school? No, he was elf-taught
What did one snowman say to the other snowman? "Can you smell carrots?"
Why was the turkey in a band? He was the only one with drumsticks

But they aren't all bad, at least not the ones you'll find at LeoVegas. Their Christmas Crackers are filled with over €250,000 worth of cash and spins rewards. Here's a sneak peak of what you may find inside:


MONDAYS: Discover the wonderful world of Live Casino with the weekly LeoVegas Sleigh Rides! The 3k leaderboards will be rewarding the players who score the most wins on the blackjack tables in the Chambre Séparée between 00:01 and 23:59 CET. For every €1 a player makes in net-wins, 1 point will be added to their name on the leaderboard.

TUESDAYS: With €1,000 in cash and 15 Free Spins up for grabs every hour, LeoVegas is the place to be every Tuesday this December! Anyone playing the selected promotional games between 12:00 - 13:00, 16:00 - 17:00, and 19:00 - 20:00 CET will be eligible for the Single Highest Coin Win tournaments.

WEDNESDAYS: Fight the midweek slump than with double the offers! Over in the Live Casino, the 10 players to establish the longest win streak between 00:01 and 23:59 CET on the blackjack tables in the LeoVegas Chambre Séparée will be awarded a share of €1,800. Casino enthusiasts will be treated to a share of €5,000 on Red Tiger slots thanks to the jackpot drop!

THURSDAYS: Players will be rewarded with two promotions. 250 cash prizes will be dropping at random between 00:01 and 23:59 CET, players could win up to €500 in the Mystery Prize Drops! While that's going on, there's also a 1k leaderboard on MONOPOLY Live! For every €1 a player makes in net-wins, 1 point will be added to their name on the leaderboard.

FRIDAYS: It's raining prizes at LeoVegas, 600 of them to be exact! On Fridays, players could win a share of €1,450 every hour on selected promotional games between 12:00 - 13:00, 15:00 - 16:00, 16:00 - 17:00, 18:00 - 19:00, 20:00 - 21:00, and 22:00 - 23:00 CET.

SATURDAYS: Selected games games will feature a thrilling maze game between 12:00 and 23:00 CET! Players simply need to land a winning line of identical symbols to clear a pathway in the maze and claim their tokens. The tokens will then be redeemable to trigger the bonus round on the respective game.

SUNDAYS: End the week with the opportunity to WIN a free cash reward! Every Sunday during December, players will receive a single Free Spin to use on the selected game between 12:00 and 23:00 CET. The top 50 players to land the highest win in the respective game with their Free Spin will win a share of €1,550 in cash and 25 Free Spins!

These daily offers will vary by market, check LeoVegas promotional terms and conditions for the specific Christmas Cracker offer in your country.

If you're new to LeoVegas, click here to register and get cracking to share in the €250,000 worth of cash and spin prizes!