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14 September 2016 - 12:16am

Quasar Time Attack Challenge: €10K total bank roll, you take the winnings!

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The race is ON! Over the next month Quasar Gaming will be running weekly slot races and the player who makes the highest net profit each week will proceed to the Time Attack Challenge. The Time Attack Challenge is simple, Quasar provides the winner with the bank roll and all the winner has to do is spin the reels as fast as they can, beat the timer and walk away with the winnings!

HOW TO ENTER: Check out the calendar for the start dates of each weekly race. Then, head to Quasar Gaming, deposit and wager the required amount for each race on the nominated slot of the week to qualify. Race against your opponents and the player with the highest net profit on the game of the week will take pole position and take on that week's Time Attack Challenge.


SECOND CHANCE: Should the winner crash and burn in the Time Attack Challenge (in other words end up with no profits) the bank roll amount will be distributed amongst all qualified participants in the form of no deposit bonuses. With a minimum of €5 bonus guaranteed, even if you don't take pole position you too stand a chance of winning!

Ready to take on the Time Attack Challenge? Click on the bonus button below to register at Quasar Gaming.

This bonus is not available to players from your country.

Good luck!

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15 September 2016 - 9:29pm

Sounds like an interesting promotion and it's great second opportunity for those player who had been lucky already so could be quite a week for some of these players. It's a different than the most but an interesting promo I think.

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15 September 2016 - 11:43pm

I have to agree, this really is interesting promotion. I was actually surprised to see the offer something like this and since I did like their casino, I might try this.