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16 November 2013 - 10:33pm

Reminder: 3Dice Week End Tenner!

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Hello CL Friends,

Just a reminder that the week end tenner is happening at 3Dice casino. I am not doing TOO bad, but I am not in the top three.........yet. I tried playing slotonomicron, then bombed on that one down to only two dollars something, when I switched to Kieko's quest. I hit a nice bonus round over there to get me up from two bucks to about 150 dollars right now. At least I will be able to play this one a while. I was betting 40 cents or so and I just upped my bet to a dollar. It is all or nothing with these tenners, so I am getting REALLY wild, lol.

I have not hit long enough to play much with these tenners, so this is a nice change.

Just wanted to remind you that this can be a fun one to enter, and it is going on right now!

If you play, have fun! Smile


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17 November 2013 - 4:29am

Thanks for the reminder Hope. I still can't get in, because I forgot my password. I'm too busy at the moment anyway. Good luck.

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