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19 September 2011 - 12:53am

What Type Of Wager Do You Like Best?

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I am really starting to enjoy sports betting. Today I missed out on a chance to put money on my NFL team, as I was considering hitting the over/under bet.

This all got me to thinking, what is your favorite type of sports wager? Do you like to pick the winner? The point spread? The over/under? Anything else I missed 😉 ?

I myself like the over under. That way, even if my team gets blown out I can hopefully still recoup on the bet. Today my team won 48-3, and the over/was 44. I would have won my bet had I gotten it in.

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19 September 2011 - 5:23am

That was an amazingly accurate point margin by the bookie. 44 is huge and they were only out by one. Sounds like the game was a colossal mismatch.

I like doing a couple of things. On individual games I usually just go with just picking the winner. I find it too dicey to try to second guess the winning margins or number of sets etc. I will sometimes go for the over/under on a soccer match where there is a good recent history of how many goals each team has scored. Also in tournaments I like to pick a few mid to long shots and put some money on them at the start when they have juicy odds. Then lay them out later in the tournament if/when they make it further and their odds drop. I did this recently with the US Open tennis and soccer world cups.

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