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20 April 2011 - 7:54pm

Blackjack Strategy Cards?

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I am curious as to whether or not anybody here who plays blackjack either at an online casino or in person uses strategy cards. I have seen these online for all types of blackjack being played and have actually used them online as I have a specific one for the online casino I play at.

The funny thing about these cards are that whenever I find a situation where I have to consult said card, I follow the chart and most of the time I end up losing (at least it seems that way). All the experts tell you to think long term when it comes to blackjack, and granted I am still coming into my own as a player, but it seems frustrating to me to use these cards only to have it bite me in the butt. Most of my bigger wins at BJ have come when I didn't consult anything.

What is your take? Are strategy cards good or bad? Do you use them, and how have they helped or hurt you playing at a casino?

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20 April 2011 - 10:50pm

Always trust the maths geeks! Long term thinking is exactly right - its all about maximising your expected returns in the long run.

Some plays are very marginal though. For example it doesn't make a big difference whether you hit or stand with a 16 vs a dealer 10, and all the strategy cards will tell you to hit unless surrendering is an option. But one thing you will rarely find on a strategy card is that you're better off standing with a 16 vs a 10 if you already have drawn 3 or more cards (although you're going to lose the majority of times in that situation anyway).

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